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Completely redesigned and entirely focused on the way you live, AAA Living brings you more ways to get the most from your AAA membership.


Editor's Notes

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Farewell and Safe Travels

In this issue of the magazine, we travel to two of the world’s most popular destinations—Europe and the U.S. Virgin Islands. It’s touching—and a bit poignant—because these were two of the first destinations I visited as 
the new editor of Going Places. It brings back many wonderful memories of my 17 years with AAA and the magazine.


Santa Letter

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The Free Santa Letter Is Back!


Back by popular demand, this interactive and printable letter lets you add your child’s name, wish list and more. There are also printable North Pole “stamps” for authenticity. 


Permanent Protection

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One way to protect your family in an ever-changing world is with universal life insurance.

Universal life is a permanent life insurance policy that covers you for a lifetime, but a portion of your premium is deposited into an interest-earning account that accumulates cash value over your policy’s lifetime. 


Tips for Home Safety When You’re Away

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The holidays are fast approaching. If you have plans to head out of town—whether for just a few days, a week or more—these simple steps will help keep your home safe and secure while you’re away.


A Holiday Classic

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For anyone seeking a timeless seasonal escape, New York never gets old.


Southeast Asian Inspiration

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This enchanting and exotic corner of the globe beckons inquisitive travelers for the  11th annual AAA Chairman’s Cruise.


Big in Japan

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Electric and eclectic, sophisticated and sprawling, traditional and tranquil. Today’s Tokyo defies any singular description. From sacred shrines and soaring skyscrapers to sushi and shopping, visiting this massive city can be the vacation adventure of a lifetime—even if you have only a day or two to enjoy it


Islands in Paradise

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Nestled at the eastern end of the Caribbean, the U.S. Virgin Islands glow with familiarity, yet provide rich flavor, deep history and multicultural charm.


Exploring Europe

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There are many ways to travel through Europe’s striking cities and stunning countryside. Trains, cruise ships, river barges and more can make your travels easy—and affordable—as adventure abounds.


Ingredients for the Adventure of a Lifetime in Alaska

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Not every state can list the continent’s tallest mountain, one of the country’s longest rivers, Santa Claus’ home and America’s national symbol on their “must do and see” list. They all exist in Alaska, and you can see them all in one trip.



What You Need to Know About Insurance

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If you’re like most people, you purchase insurance policies to protect yourself and your family from financial hardship if something unexpected happens to your home, your vehicle or yourself. But even the most conscientious person can overlook things. Here are several aspects of insurance that many people aren’t aware of—and often are overlooked.


Is Your Life Insurance Portable?

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Your employer-provided policy might not offer all of the coverage you need.


If you already have life insurance through your employer, why should you consider an individual life insurance policy?
There are three good reasons.


50 States In 50 Years

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AAA member celebrates a milestone birthday with a lifetime of traveling memories. 


Liberating Normandy

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As preparations begin for the 70th anniversary of D-Day, northern France’s beautiful coastal region has an indelible place in world history.


The Driven Dozen

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It’s fall in Florida, which means it’s the perfect season to put the top down and hit the road—to enjoy great weather and great scenery in equal amounts. We share a few of our favorite itineraries.


Leap of Faith

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Who takes a vacation without knowing where they’re going?

A growing number of travelers look to mystery tours to feed their appetites for intrigue.


State of Awe

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There may be only one Alaska, but its adventures are endless. From wildlife to resort life, find your perfect trip to the Land of the Midnight Sun.



Hong Kong: A World Of Its Own

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Deeply Eastern in mind and spirit, but influenced by Western style and tastes, Hong Kong is a delicious cocktail of culture and adventure.


Insurance Ideas: Avoiding ‘Accidents’ With Your Auto Coverage

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If you’re in an automobile accident, the last thing you want to feel is regret—regret that your insurance coverage isn’t adequate for your needs because you didn’t pay closer attention to the details when you bought the policy. When purchasing auto insurance, steer clear of these common mistakes...


Money Counts: CD Laddering—Climbing to Financial Security

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Although fluctuations in the economy are common, certificates of deposit still offer some stability. CDs aren’t subject to wild stock market swings, so they can offer dependability and add steady returns to your investment portfolio.


Destination Procrastination

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Waited until now to plan your summer vacation? It’s not too late. Here’s some expert advice to help you make the most of your last-minute travels.



What's on Your Mind?

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New research into distracted driving reveals how tasks and technology can affect you behind the wheel.



Paradise Found

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If you knew Florida only by what you’ve seen on the postcards, you might think it’s nothing but beautiful beaches and colorful orange groves. Sure, there are plenty of those—some of the very best, in fact—but there’s much more to the Sunshine State than what some 7-by-5-inch piece of cardboard can imply.




A Journey Through South Africa

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At the southern tip of the world’s most epic continent, the crashing waters of the Indian and Atlantic oceans converge to form one of the world’s most dramatic and stunning coastlines. The churning water, rocky cliffs and sandy beaches are just the beginning of many wonders that make up this country




Explore the Mysteries of Peru

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High in the Peruvian Andes sits the ancient city of Machu Picchu, its perfectly cascading terraces and precision craftsmanship a testament to the masterful skills of the Incas who built it more than 500 years ago. 



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