Excitement is in the Air... and in the Sea

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Excitement is in the Air... and in the Sea

Ah, a day at sea. This is what sets the tone for the remainder of the cruise. No responsibility. No appointments. It’s permission to just be.


Alone on the balcony, the only noise is that of the wind and the periodical fog horn. It’s early, only 7:30 a.m. The day hasn’t even begun. What will it bring? Who will I meet? Only fate will write the day’s empty page.



Screams of joy are suddenly heard throughout ship as children run from one side to the other. Almost everyone is pointing somewhere—the first whale sighting has occurred. At first, they’re hard to spot. Then, everyone realizes we’re surrounded and jaws are left open in amazement.


For the first time, the Alaskan scenery appears before us and the whales seem to welcome us as they swim alongside the ship.


Let the salmon bake begin. Grills are fired up on the Lido deck and the chefs are ready to prepare hundreds of Salmon filets to feed the masses. Adults line up with empty plates in hand as children splash in the pool and the band fills the air with light melodies. There is not an unhappy person in sight.



Now for the grand finale, Tracy Arm! Neither words, nor photos do her beauty justice. The green mountains, cascading waterfalls, peaking glaciers, turquoise ice, and steady stream of icebergs make for a magical experience like no other. Time actually stops. Everywhere you turn is the perfect photograph. I had to recharge my camera twice in less than 4 hours. Her 32 miles of pristine nature are thousands of years old. Researchers continue to find new life in the passage way and it’s very likely Tracy Arm will be closed to large cruise ships in the coming years to preserve the habitat. Go now! It’s worth every penny and the freezing fingers that ache from taking so many photos.



Just when you think it’s time to go inside and you can’t take any more of the cold, BOOM, the sparkle of the turquoise ice captures the eye. Who needs warmth anyway? If you listen quietly, you can hear the ice cracking and seals splashing around. This 1,000-year-old glacier is simply magnificent. I found myself getting angry at all three cameras, because they just didn’t capture the essence of what was before me.


Bottom line, this crazy, beautiful place should be on everyone’s bucket list.



Just when you think it’s safe to put away the camera, the sun starts to set. Although cloudy, the sun paints just enough color across the sky to give one last goodnight photo.





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