Finally We Depart - My first experience on our ship

by JessB on ‎08-18-2014 04:20 PM (732 Views)


Finally We Depart


It’s 8:30 a.m. and the entire team of travel agents meets for the first time—all 18 of us. Scattered conversations fill the room with talks of past Alaskan travels and the excitement of first timers. An hour later the driver arrives and piles us in the van with more than 35 pieces of luggage... but only the driver is counting. We head to the port only to find ourselves back at the hotel for a forgotten bag. Déjà vu, we load again and go.


Thirty minutes later we arrive at the port to a large ship waiting for us to climb aboard and bring some life to its empty halls. Fast forward through check-in and we all climb aboard, eager to shed the baggage and finally unpack for a full seven days.



With a deep sigh of relief, I swing open the cabin door to find exactly what I was looking for, a beautiful verandah room that overlooks the water, all to myself. My eyes stare out in enchantment eager to see the sights of Tracy Arm and all the Alaskan scenery has to offer. The thought of unrolling my yoga mat to claim my 5’x2’ space on earth, while inhaling the glacial air, is intoxicating.






But next is the muster drill, where even the most posh look silly in their yellow and orange life vest. Then, it’s off to investigate the Amsterdam. A ship that’s not too big, nor small. It’s actually just right. Gold flakes age the goddess and mermaid statues that line the walls. Finally 5 p.m. approaches and cocktail hour puts a smile across 18 tired, yet eager faces.




Cesar salad, ceviche, chowder, salmon, and banana crisp equal a delicious recipe for a sleep coma. The fog rolls in, reinforcing our decision to sleep. “Nothing to see here,” says the sea. The gentle rocking of the waves guide us back to our cabins.


My tired eyes can’t help but take one last glance at the mountain silhouette before closing the curtains and heading to bed. No more packing or unpacking. No more rails and shuttles. We’ve successfully made it from one side of the continent to the other. Rest, dear body. The journey has only begun.




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