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Battery warranty

I just got back from the dealership and it hasn't even been 6 months since I had to get a battery from AAA. When I brought my car to the dealership they informed me I'd need a new battery because #1 it was almost dead and they showed me, #2 it wasn't even the right size, causing it to drain possibly. They tested my alternator and it's just fine and I had to pay for an all new battery and gave me my old one back.

To be honest I'm very disappointed that I didn't even get less than 6 months out of this battery and it's not the right size for my engine!!!

Not professional and I want my money back. I bought the warranty and have the reciept for the battery somewhere. Most importantly I got the tests done and can give a AAA employee the info needed so I can be compensated for the battery. Please someone from AAA contact me!!
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