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Eyesight feature on Subaru forester



I am thinking of purchasing a Subaru Forester wth the eyesight feature.  This feature provides  adaptive cruise control, low-speed pre-collision braking control, and vehicle lane departure warning.  Do you have an opinion of the effectiveness of this feature and whether it is worthwhile?  It adds approximately $1300 to the cost of the car.


Thanks for any input or insight.  (No pun intended.)



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Hi mr1957,   There have been several reports of issues wi...

Hi mr1957,


There have been several reports of issues with the system including at least one 'Stop Sale' and recall regarding problems with the brake light switch.


The EyeSight suite features can be very valuable. They include forward-collision warning, lane-departure warning, and automatic braking to avoid low-speed collisions. EyeSight can also warn when it senses that you’re nodding off based on steering patterns. It can even tell you to go if the car ahead of you at a light drives off and you’re still sitting still.


I think it's understandable to have a few problems with cutting edge technology, but it looks like Subaru is addressing the complaints.


A good overview of the system can be found here The Subaru EyeSight safety system makes an impact at the track


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