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Honda CR-V door lock problems

Hi, Pete! There's a lot of talk about CRV door lock issues on the internet, most about current models, but I can tell you they apply to the 1st generation CRV as well. My driver side door lock began to malfunction. Researched the problem and replaced the actuator with a factory part. (that was a bugger)  Still experiencing issues: will lock but won't unlock with remote, key, or from interior. If I work a combination of things long enough the lock will finally unlock. Tired of climbing in through the passenger side and/or not being able to lock my car. Got any suggestions or ideas what to try next? 

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This is a fairly complex system that involves a few modul...

This is a fairly complex system that involves a few modules and a body controller. You may need to visit the dealer to have the system checked to make sure all components are functioning correctly, have up-to-date software versions and the receiver for the keyless remote is functioning.