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Mercury Mountaineer making a clunk sound

Hi Pete

Hoping you could offer some advice. I have a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer that has been making a loud clunking sound when I take off from a complete stop. Sometimes just one clunk, sometimes two or three clunks. Once it's in gear, it's fine, unless I make a sharp turn to the left, and then it is even worse! Sounds like the bottom of the truck is going to fall out. Some friends/family members have said it's the back end. Do you know what this could be and how much it could end up costing me?

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It is very possible for the clunking to be coming from th...

It is very possible for the clunking to be coming from the rear differential of the vehicle. Specifically, either the outer axle bearings or carrier bearings. There are however a variety of other components that can cause similar noises so my best advice would be to have a qualified technician formally inspect and diagnose this concern. Just about any of our AAA Approved Auto Repair facilities would be able to diagnose the problem, perform the needed repairs and get you back on the road with a warranty that is backed by AAA. Hope this helps!!

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