3 Things to Know About Connected Cars

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Today’s cars are high-tech machines that communicate with the world around them, constantly giving and getting information. Here’s what that means for you.


  1. Driving is safer.
    Many connected cars use advanced technology to monitor what’s around them—and reduce accidents. Forward collision warning systems, for example, have been shown to reduce crashes by 10 to 14 percent, and backup cameras reduce the likelihood of a back-over crash by 46 percent.* What’s more, many cars offer “remote vehicle services”—such as transmitting your car’s GPS coordinates to help emergency personnel locate a stranded or stolen car. Still, drivers need to guard against the false sense of security that safety technology can create, causing them to pay less attention to their driving than they should.


  1. Car problems can be addressed sooner.
    Many of today’s newer cars can email you and your dealer a monthly diagnostics report detailing the condition of your car. Besides the benefit to car owners, these reports also help manufacturers to identify a common problem in specific models—and take corrective action before the issue requires a vehicle recall.


  1. Your car is collecting information.
    You should be able to confirm in your owner’s manual what kind of data your car collects and transmits. It may include your car’s location, speed, seat belt usage and more. AAA believes no one has the right to access this data without your permission. We’re working with automakers and public officials to develop standards for managing vehicle data.


*Sources: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and National Highway Traffic Safety Association.


You can learn more about vehicle technology through videos and reports posted in the On The Road forum. While you’re there, we encourage you to be part of the conversation—feel free to ask questions and share your opinions.


A version of this story appears in the January/February issue of AAA Living magazine.


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