Benefits of Approved Auto Repair

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In my 20 years of helping AAA members with their automotive concerns, one thing that has always been a big value for members is their using a AAA Approved Auto Repair facility instead of a shop not affiliated with AAA. With a AAA-approved shop, if a member has a problem or a concern with a repair, AAA can investigate the dispute, look at both sides, and make a determination that is fair and reasonable for both parties.


Unfortunately, should a member go to a shop that is NOT affiliated with AAA and a problem arises, that member is stuck dealing with the issue on their own. In many cases that means hiring an attorney and hoping for a verdict delivered by those unfamiliar with the field of automotive technology.


Using a AAA Approved Auto Repair facility ensures that the technicians employed are ASE certified in the areas of repairs they perform; the shop meets AAA’s minimum requirements for manpower, equipment and insurance; and most of all, the shop has met AAA’s high standards for customer service.


No affinity program in the automotive repair industry stacks up to AAA’s standards when it comes to customer service and satisfaction. Click here to find a AAA Approved Auto Repair facility near you.

by Domenic on ‎10-22-2010 08:27 PM

I will be leaving for six months on an extended vacation. What are the best procedures ti use for storing two vehicles fro that period of time. And is a trickle charger recommended for th batteries?

by on ‎10-23-2010 12:09 PM

If you use a straight trickle charger you will most likely over charge the batteries and boil them out. I suggest using a product made by Deltran called the Battery Tender. They come in a variety of sizes but you can use the Jr or Plus based on the length of time you will be gone. This is a self maintaining charger with a built-in micro processor that constantly monitors teh state of charge If it needs charge it turns on. If it reaches the rcommended state of charge it turns itself off. The Jr is available at most AAA branch offices at a reduced Member price.


I would make sure the tires are properly inflated. Most preferred would be to elevate the vehicle so its weight is not on the tires but that is usually not possible.


I would keep a full tank of gas and use an additive called Stabil. Keeping the tank full will reduce the opportunity for moisture to collect and using the additive will prevent the fuel from going stale. Stabil is available at most auto parts stores like NAPA.


Enjoy your trip!    

by GreenEyedAngel on ‎11-03-2010 10:39 PM

Pete - 


Very good point about approved facilities.  The other thing that I would suggest in addition is checking the facility's Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating, particularly when approaching any repair that is significant and not of an immediate nature.  There's no charge for doing so and can give you very good insight into the business' history of complaints, but also their behavior with regard to resolving customer issues.

by adavid on ‎12-08-2010 09:46 AM



Can you assist our company in locating an Authorized AAA repair shop in Wesley Chapel or Pasco County Florida for a possible donation of a used vehicle that still runs but does not have to be road worthy for a solar R & D project we are engaged in? We have already contacted AAA for assistance with this project in a Blog.


See our web site at: and reply to: A. David Coles, President DCA Systems, Inc. DBA DCAirSolar Systems at:



Best Regards


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My best advice would be to use our facility search engine found in the automotive section of, find the facilities near you and present your request to the owner/management staff. Because it is unlikely most repair shops have vehicles just laying around, your best bet may be a salvage yard.

by fwbower on ‎03-03-2011 11:00 AM


My 2004 Hyundai was running fine last month, but, I noticed a very small oil leak in the garage, so I took it in to the dealer to have a hose replaced.  They had it there for a day and a half, and when I picked it up the mechanic said the power steering pump was leaking and a couple of belts were worn, so he replaced them at a cost of $822.25.  The next time I backed it out of the garage, I saw the same oil leak!  When I returned it to the garage, the mechanic said he didnt even look at the hoses going into the pump, but, he saw oil on the pump and assumed it was leaking.  This time the bill to replace the hoses was $184.98 (less the labor charge).  I spoke to the Service Manager, and told him I didn't think I should pay for the misdiagnosed problem, as I have now been charged over $1,000.00.  Thats when he agreed to not charge me labor on the second repair.  Of, course the car is no longer under warranty, with less than 60,000 miles on it.

My wife & I are in our 70's, with very limited income and this is a very major expense for us.  Do you know if we have any recourse in this matter? We both feel that the mechanic made a mistake, and now we have to pay for it.  But, what can we do about it?

Thanks for your help,


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I sounds to me as well that the technician made an incorrect diagnosis. I would continue up the ladder and go to the owner. If it is a AAA shop you can file a complaint with us and we will mediate the dispute on your behalf. If it is not a AAA shop, you can file a complaint with the local Better Business Bureau and also with the department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Their number is 800-435-7352  

by tempjck on ‎05-03-2011 02:04 PM

I read your suggestion about the AAA 24 POINT inspection and my husband took it to C&D Auto Center in Melbourne FL on 4/26/2011 w/ 107912 mi. on the odometer ,it's a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am. We like the car and it is PAID FOR.  They said it was fine except it need $736.49 for FRT engine MOUNT and Rear Trans .mount.  I assumed it was safe to drive.So on Sun ,05/01/11 I drove it to church in Indialantic. First my charging light went on the my ABD light went on. Started it up after the servbice only to have every light and power steering go out o A1A. Was able to glide it off the  main road. With the help of a very young couple who fushed me into a drive way. Called AAA for a tow. The fan belt broke. Why do you include belts in your 24 deal, IF THEY DO NOT SUGGEST  due to the age or mileage it should be replaced? I'm 76 years old and we thought we were prudent in having the 24 pts checked. Should we try this service again, but give another center a try? My husband took the shreaded belt back to the shop and received an apology and thanked  for sharing the experience.


Temple Hughes

by on ‎05-04-2011 09:13 AM

I have known the folks at C & D for over 20 years and can tell you that is not typical. They should have caught that belt and advised you accordingly. Please call the Approved Auto Repair office at 407-833-1811 so we may gather additional information. I appologize for the inconvenience and I too thank you for bringing this to my attention. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

by jamhunt on ‎06-21-2011 01:29 PM

I recently broke down on a trip out of state and I did use a AAA repair shop and within a month of returning one of the parts has gone bad.  I am experiencing difficulties getting this warranted part vehicle is undriveable and all I seem to be getting is the run around.  I called the shop that did the repair, they told me to call their part supplier who in turn tells me he has to talk to the shop an when I called AAA they told me to also call the shop that did the repair to have them recomment a facility in my area that will honor the warranty.  A week now and there is no resolution to this matter.  What is the next step??

by on ‎06-21-2011 01:49 PM

I appologize you had this experience! Feel free to call our headquarters office at 407-833-1811 and we will assist you from here.  

by dans on ‎06-30-2011 04:43 PM

I just read your reply to a reader that had a bad experience with a repair at a dealership. I strongly object to your comment about getting advice from some one other than a dealership. I have received good and bad advice from dealership,other repair facilities including AAA approved shops. Overall I have found  advantages to repairs at a dealership. Your comment seems self serving and not objective.

by Community Manager on ‎06-30-2011 05:08 PM

Hi, Dans,


Which reader are you referring to? Fwbower on this page? Pete said to go up the ladder--which I interpret to mean the technician's boss, that boss' boss, etc. all the way to the owner of the dealership, if need be.


Many dealer repair shops are members of the AAA Approved Auto Repair family. If the Hyundai dealer mentioned above is a AAR shop, then AAA will mediate the dispute on fbower's behalf. This dispute resolution doesn't cost you anything--it's provided free as a value to all AAA members. AAR facilities agree (as a requirement of being an AAR shop) to go with AAA's dispute resolution. This is a great benefit!


While AAA will only mediate with AAR shops, Pete did mention reaching out to the BBB as an alternative (and included their 800 number). I think Pete is giving great service above and beyond what fbower originally asked!


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