Can Your Watch Talk to Your Car?

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 Wearable technology like smartwatches aren’t just convenient ways to communicate with others, they may let you communicate with your car as well.
As the recent introduction of the Apple Watch suggests, smartwatches are a growing part of the connected lifestyle, so why not let them communicate with your vehicle? Automakers agree and are working on vehicle-control apps for these products. Mercedes, Audi and BMW are among the first car companies to demonstrate apps for wearable tech, and the aftermarket vehicle security system company Viper plans to introduce a smartwatch app as well.
Through these apps, drivers in the very near future may be able to use a smartwatch to:
  • Monitor their vehicle’s battery charge and fuel level
  • Lock and unlock doors remotely
  • Start their vehicle remotely
  • Locate their vehicle
  • Track vehicle usage
  • Obtain service and maintenance alerts
  • Call for roadside assistance
In addition, many industry analysts believe future functionality could include vehicle-to-vehicle communications to warn drivers about accidents, road construction, stalled vehicles or other hazards ahead.
Long-term automotive strategies for wearable apps are still being developed. However, automakers are confident the trend will continue and are determined to leverage these devices to better connect with motorists.
Impact on AAA Members
Technologies that provide drivers with the ability to communicate with, and receive information from, their vehicles have the potential to add convenience and improve safety on our roads. That being said, smartwatches and other wearable technologies need to be designed in a manner thatminimizes the risk of distracted driving while keeping consumers’ privacy preferences front of mind.
To learn more about the risks of distracted driving and how to prevent it, visit
Image credit: BMW of North America, LLC

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