Technology—Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

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Having worked in the automotive industry for more than 30 years, I have witnessed technology improvements firsthand that make our lives easier while helping preserve our planet and its resources. Remember when the fuel filler cap was located behind the license plate under the rear bumper? Most vehicles today have the fuel filler on the side of the vehicle, and emerging technologies have done away with the gas cap altogether.


I recall working on vintage imports that had a six-volt electrical system and used a generator. While 12-volt systems using an alternator as a means to recharge the battery have been in vehicles for decades, many are now water cooled, and some are oil cooled. In the case of hybrid vehicles, the motor/generator serves as the power plant in addition to recharging the large storage battery.


Today, several technology companies—in addition to automobile manufacturers—are developing driverless cars. While consumers aren’t yet warming to this concept, the technology is here. It’s only a matter of time before you will be sitting at a light or cruising the interstate and there won’t be anyone driving the car next to you—if there’s a person in the car at all!


With cars that can park themselves, apply the brakes without your input, and don’t need a driver onboard, you have to wonder what technology will be like for our children’s children and beyond?


Now, more than ever, it begs the question: “What will they think of next?”  

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I moved from New Jersey to Florida.  How come I am receiving my AAA Magazine from QuadGraphics, via Snail Mail, in a special enevlope, send to me from MA, for $1.52.  Is this they only way for me to get my AAA mag?  Can I get it via email or on the WEB.  Why waste that much money for my mag.  Thanks for listening.

by on ‎03-04-2013 08:55 AM

Hey MRMWFIXIT, I'll take a look and see if I can correct the issue for you. Thanks for letting us know.


by 400 on ‎08-22-2013 05:12 PM

Hay Pete: You might or might not have an answer. I just received my "Going Places" mag, Sept/Oct.

Inside cover and on page 70 under " Great Giveaways" I see Hilton & AAA givaway.

I went to Community at and have not found any ref to this anywhere?

I do fairly well on the computer but I may be missing obvious.

One more thing. Gas caps were hard to find in the old days, today  the filler is usually located on the

same side as the gauge on the dash.



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That contest begins on Aug. 26 and you'll be able to find it by visiting


Good Luck!


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We have a 1987 Cadillac Fleetwood Brogham which was running rough, left at the shop, car has not started since.  They said timing chain needed.  There is no compression on any of the cylinders.  Timing chain or engine rebuild or replace?

by on ‎08-29-2013 09:13 AM

If it is just a timing chain, that is the least expensive option. While there is no conclusive way to know the extent of the damage until the chain is replaced, a rebuild or replacement may be in order. I have seen many cases where the plastic lining from the cam gear, as it deteriorates falls into the oil pan and is then sucked up into the oil pump pick up. This causes a reduction in oil pressure and the only fix is to remove the pan, clean the screen and in some cases replace the pump.


I would weigh your attachment to the vehicle as at this point, doing any major repair will most likely exceed the value of the vehicle.

by Flataa51 on ‎08-29-2013 10:16 PM


I read your article In the October issue about Toyota timing belts. The writer failed to mention what model they had and you failed to ask them. You assumed they had a model with a timing chain. To set the record straight, Toyota has many models that also have chains. Most of the models after 1999 do. Below is a chart of models that have chains or belts. Thought you would like to know. Thanks   Thomas Arthur 


 ModelYear Engine  Belt / Chain / Gear
 4Runner 1990-2000, 2010 4-Cylinder Chain
  1990-2002 V6 Belt
  2003-2013 V6 Chain
  2003-2009 V8 Belt
 Avalon 1995-2004  V6 Belt 
  2005-2013 V6 Chain
 Avalon Hybrid  2013 4-Cylinder  Chain
 Camry 1990-2001 All Belt
  2002-2013 4-Cylinder Chain
  1990-2006 V6 Belt
  2007-2013 V6 Chain
 Camry Hybrid 2007-2013 4-Cylinder Chain
 Celica 1990-1999  4-Cylinder Belt
  2000-2005 4-Cylinder Chain
 Corolla 1990-1997  4-Cylinder Belt
  1998-2013 4-Cylinder Chain
 Cressida 1990-1992  L6 Belt
 Echo 2000-2005  4-Cylinder Chain
 FJ Cruiser 2007-2013  V6 Chain
 Highlander 2001-2007, 2009-2013  4-Cylinder Chain
  2001-2007 V6 Belt
  2008-2013 V6 Chain
 Highlander Hybrid 2006-2010  V6 Belt
  2011-2013 V6 Chain
 Land Cruiser 1990-1992  L6 Gear
  1993-1997 L6 Chain
  1998-2007 V8 Belt
  2008-2013 V8 Chain
 Matrix  2003-2013 4-Cylinder Chain
 MR2 1990-1995  4-Cylinder Belt
 MR2 Spyder 2000-2005  4-Cylinder Chain
 Paseo 1992-1997  4-Cylinder Belt
 Previa 1991-1997  4-Cylinder Chain
 Prius 2001-2013  4-Cylinder Chain
 Prius c 2012-2013 4-Cylinder Chain
 Prius v 2012-2013 4-Cylinder Chain
 Prius Plug-in 2012-2013 4-Cylinder Chain
 RAV4 1996-2000  4-Cylinder Belt
  2001-2013 4-Cylinder Chain
  2006-2012 V6 Chain
 Sequoia 2001-2009 4.7 V8 Belt
  2010-2012 4.6 V8 Chain
  2008-2013 5.7 V8 Chain
 Sienna 1998-2006  V6 Belt
  2007-2013 V6 Chain
  2011-2012 4-Cylinder Chain
 Solara 1999-2001  4-Cylinder Belt
  1999-2009 V6 Belt
  2002-2008 4-Cylinder Chain
 Supra 1990-1998  L6 Belt
 T100 1995-1998  4-Cylinder Chain
  1993-1998 V6 Belt
 Tacoma 1995-2013 4-Cylinder Chain
  1995-2004 V6 Belt
  2005-2013 V6 Chain
 Tercel 1990-1998  4-Cylinder Belt
 Truck 1990-1995 4-Cylinder Chain
  1990-1995 V6 Belt
 Tundra 2000-2004  V6 Belt
  2000-2009 4.7 V8 Belt
  2005-2013 V6 Chain
  2007-2013 5.7 V8  Chain 
  2010-2013 4.6 V8 Chain
 Venza 2009-2013  All Chain
 Yaris 2007-2013 4-Cylinder Chain



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Yes Mr.. Arthur I did received your information previously and I thank you. The writer did in fact give me all the necessary information regarding their vehicle so as it related to my response for their situation, my information was accurate. Due to space limitations, some exact comments had to be edited or removed. Thank you again for the information!

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