VIDEO: Is Your Car Winter Ready?

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Now’s the time to prepare yourself and your car for the rigors of winter driving. Stay ahead of the weather with these tips—they may surprise you.



Scraping ice-covered windows can be easier than you think. Apply a water repellent such as Rain-X to all windows when they’re clean and dry. When you scrape off the ice this winter, it will be much easier. Never pour hot water on icy windows, as the fast temperature change could cause them to crack.



Cloudy headlights reduce your ability to see and be seen at night, especially in snow and fog. Improve visibility with a headlight restoration kit, which removes the haze from headlight covers. These kits are available at most auto supply stores, including NAPA Auto Parts, where AAA Members save 10 percent on most parts and accessories.



Car brakes don’t always give a warning when they’re worn low or experiencing other problems, and you don’t want to discover there’s an issue with them on an icy road. Have them checked before winter arrives.


The Bottom Line

Get your car winter-ready by having it checked by a qualified technician. AAA Approved Auto Repair shops offer AAA Members a free 24-point inspection, as well as 10 percent off labor on any regular-price service they provide. Find a free 24-point inspection near you.


Have a question about your car? Visit the On the Road forum.


A version of this story appears in the November/December 2015 issue of AAA Living magazine.


Image credit/source: Teaser credit: Christopher Kimmel/Getty Images; Video credit: AAA

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