Your Car’s Battery Revealed

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Battery_Com_Teaser.jpgThe lead-acid battery was invented 150 years ago, and the one in your car still follows the same principles. But how does it work—and why does it inevitably die?


VIDEO: Are Your Headlights Bright Enough?

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headlight_com_Teaser.jpgAAA’s tests show that your headlights might fall short in safely illuminating a dark road; older, cloudy lenses reduce visibility even more.


VIDEO: How to Save on Fuel for Your Car

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Fuel_com_teaser.jpgStop-start systems can save you money—for as little as $300 on a new car. This video shows how.


The Value of a 24-Point Vehicle Inspection

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inspection_Com_Teaser.jpgYou can’t put a price on peace of mind, especially when it comes to preventing your car from breaking down on the road, but AAA Members can get that peace of mind for free at a AAA Approved Auto Repair facility.


5 Reasons to Get Regular Checkups for Your Car

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CarCare_Com_Teaser.jpgRegular vehicle checkups can reveal hidden problems before they become serious. Here are some things that require routine maintenance that you shouldn’t ignore.


How to Spot a Flood-Damaged Vehicle

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FloodDam_com_teaser.jpgIn the market for a used car? Before you buy, check the CARFAX report and follow these tips to identify a flood-damaged vehicle.


Is It Time to Check Your Battery?

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Battery_Com_Teaser.jpgHave your car battery checked at your local AAA Approved Auto Repair shop before it dies and stalls your plans.


Understanding New Vehicle Warning Systems

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carcare_comm_teaser.JPGBlind-spot and lane-departure warning systems can help prevent a car crash, but drivers need to know their limits.


Rear-View Cameras Can Save Lives

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rearviewcamera_teaser.JPGThere is danger whenever you back up your vehicle, but rear-view cameras can make it a little less risky.


VIDEO: Driving During Snowy Season

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teaser_SnowyDriving.JPGYou can’t stop winter—but you can take steps to avoid trouble on winter’s roads.


Putting New Vehicle Safety Technology to the Test

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CM-0022_teaser_image (1).JPGAdvanced driver assistance systems are great, but what happens if drivers rely too heavily on automation? AAA’s test-track simulations found surprising results.



6 Steps to Better Gas Mileage

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CM-0021_carcare_COMMteaser.jpgYou can get more miles to the gallon by simply altering your driving style.


VIDEO: Car Care - Winter 101

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carcare.JPGIs your car ready for severe weather? Act now—before winter unleashes its wrath.



Is an Automatic Stop-Start vehicle Right for You?

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CM-0020_carcare_COMMteaser.JPGIf you passed on a hybrid vehicle, but you're still looking for a "greener" option, automatic stop-start technology may be the answer. The engine shuts off at stops to conserve fuel and reduce emissions. Sounds odd, but it works.


A New Era Begins

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cm0013.jpgAAAʼs experts answer your automotive questions and provide useful information and


An Ounce of Prevention...

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Teaser_04_183043351.jpgTaking a vehicle to the shop isn't at the top of most to-do lists, but putting it off can be costly.


Car Care: Sensing Trouble

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auto_teaser.jpgYour car usually tells you when something is wrong—if you pay attention. Steer clear of costly repair bills by acting on these warning signs.


Farewell to the Best Members in the World!

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Pete car.jpgSince June 2009, I have been posting blogs and answering questions for AAA Members, addressing their automotive concerns. During that time I have received countless emails and letters from members expressing their appreciation for the advice I have given or the topics I have addressed. To me, this is what my job is all about—helping people!


Don’t Ignore that Early Morning Chirping

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drive belt.jpgFor many automotive replacement parts, the degree of improvement over the years has increased in leaps and bounds. Years ago, when a car came into the shop for a squeaking fan belt it was pretty routine to replace the belt and the noise was gone. With the advances in overall design and the formulation of the products that make up today’s drive belts, those belts are lasting longer and squeaking less.


Why Did They Ask That?

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testing electrical system.jpgMarket research tells us that the majority of people who join AAA do so for our flagship product: Emergency Road Service. This segment of AAA’s business is designed to help stranded motorists in their hour of need, whether towing them to a place of repair or fixing the problem and getting them “On the Go.”


Is the Spare There?

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flat tire.jpgWith Emergency Road Service as our flagship automotive product, we have the privilege of helping hundreds of thousands of stranded members every year. Many of those members call AAA because of a flat tire, and of those calls, it is staggering to see the number of members’ vehicles that either have a spare that is unusable or, in many cases, not there at all.


Nothing Lasts Forever

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loves car.jpgWhile this may be a true enough statement, if you replace enough parts on your car, you may be able to keep it running forever. According to industry resource R.L. Polk, the average age of vehicles on the road today is up to 11.4 years. This extended vehicle ownership can be brought on by a variety of reasons ranging from cautious consumer spending to sentimentality.


‘Expect Something More’

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AAR shop customer.jpgThose aren’t just words on a page or a fancy marketing slogan. They represent the core principle that drives many of the products and services available through AAA. We want members to use our services and expect something more than what they would typically receive.


The High Cost of Procrastination

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car repair bill.jpgIf a repair shop is truly looking out for their customers’ best interests, not only should they make sure the work they were contracted to perform is of the highest quality, but they should also look the vehicle over for any pending issues or failures and inform the customer accordingly.


Good to Know

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hugging car.jpgMaybe you been in this position before—you see a used car you just have to have! It’s the right color, the perfect year, make and model, and it has all the creature comforts you could ever want. The price is so-so…but hey, it’s the right color!


Good, Cheap or Fast?

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Good Cheap Fast sign.jpgYou may have heard the old joke about “good, cheap or fast,” where you can have two of the three, but never all three. This certainly can be true with automotive repair. I have seen many cases where a quality repair can take time and be expensive, but I have also seen quality repairs done at reasonable prices.


Don’t “Leaf” It Alone!

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car leak.jpgHave you ever wondered why, during warmer months, you often see a small puddle of water under the right front area of the vehicle after you park? If you were driving with the air conditioning on, the water on the ground is a good thing. It’s only water, and yes, it’s actually supposed to be there!


Nicely Inconsiderate

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smiling driver.jpgAlmost seems to be an oxymoron, doesn’t it? How can you be nice and inconsiderate at the same time? Here are a few examples from the road:


Your Car May Be Ready…But Are You?

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snow traffic.jpgBy now, I’m sure most folks up north have had just about as much of winter as they can take. I’m also sure that if there was any preparation needed for your car, it has probably been done; either proactively or reactively.


What Should a Good Repair Shop Look Like?

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good repair shop.jpgShould it have a clean parking lot, clean waiting area and clean bathrooms? Should the shop itself be clean and organized? Should it have qualified technicians dedicated to the industry and a shop owner who invests in the tools and technology to keep current with the vehicles on the road today?