Do’s and Don’ts for Insuring Your Toys

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Spring is in the air! Follow these insurance do’s and don’ts for your outdoor “toys.”




boat_com_body.jpgDON’T pay for coverage you don’t need. If, for example, you own an older bike, you might want to check its value so that you’re not paying for excessive collision insurance or total loss coverage.

DO ask about discounts such as those for motorcycles that are equipped with an antilock braking system or an antitheft device. 



DO understand that a policy with an “agreed amount value” guarantees a specific amount of money to replace a totaled boat, while an “actual cash value” policy reimburses you for the value of the boat with depreciation figured in.

DON’T turn down uninsured boater coverage. It can ease the financial impact if you or others on your boat are injured by a boater without liability insurance, or in a hit-and-run.



DON’T assume your home or auto insurance policy will cover your ATV. Most don’t, especially when you aren’t on your own property. Also, many national, state and local parks require riders to be properly insured.

DO insure your ATV year-round. Even in storage, ATVs can be damaged by falling shelves, burned in a garage fire, stolen and more.


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A version of this story appears in the March/April 2016 issue of AAA Living magazine.


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