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Complaint against Direct TV

We recently moved from Florida, where we lived since 1975, to Michigan to a home we purchased. We were to receive Direct TV in connection with a package deal with our phone company.  First, they didn't come when they said they were in a comfirmation letter, so we called and found out the previous occupants owed them almost $300. They said that would have to be paid before we could get service! They said the address was connected to the account! They also said that the last names were similar, which they aren't!  How does that make us responsible? We have never lived here before and do not know the previous occupants. We have had DISH TV since 2003 and been a good customer.  The technicial spent over 4 hours hooking everything up as they told us it was all taken care of, but then he couldn't get it to activate and when he called, they again told him we had to pay this bill that wasn't ours! We refused to pay and told them to cancel the order, but everyone we talk to say they don't have the authority. They give us phone numbers to call and we have to leave a message - they never call back. But we are getting DISH hooked up this week. Personally, we believe that Direct TV are crooks! Our daughter is going to cancel her Direct TV because of this. We don't understand how a company can operate like this and get away with it!

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