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Live in another state for 8 months

I will relocate to another state for 8 months for a job, do I need to change policy and licence if I want to still use the same car there during the 8 months?

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Updating your policy

Hi, wangby0906,


You should definitely update your policy with your new address. As most policies are either 6 or 12 months, there’s a good chance your policy will come up for renewal while you’re out of state. Note: depending on where you’re moving to, there’s a chance your policy premium could go up or down a bit. A AAA Insurance agent can assist you with the information you need, and possibly quote you on new insurance that could have lower premiums.


I’m not sure about license changes, as laws vary from state to state. Here’s a link to every states DMV office where you can find more information.


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