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"Connected Cars"

Thank you for being on-top of issues such as those arising from having cars be connected (AAA Living Reflections).  Please keep up the good work to keep our data private unless we want it shared.  I had no idea this was an issue so am very grateful that you brought to our attention.  Can we remove tracking devices if they are already in our cars?

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Thank you, dadehouston, for reading about this topic in o...

Thank you, dadehouston, for reading about this topic in our magazine and taking the time to post your question. Unfortunately, most internal vehicle tracking devices do not come with an “Off” switch – or any option for controlling the data generated by your vehicle and who has access to it.

This absence of consumer control is the very reason AAA is working so hard to develop standards for managing vehicle data. We will keep you and all our members updated on further developments, but at this time we can’t provide you with a satisfactory answer to your request to disable your vehicle’s tracking device. Hopefully, that will change very soon.

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