Traffic Safety Contest Winners

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A few months ago Auto Club South enlisted the help of students grade K-12, to show us their creative talents to promote traffic safety.  The Auto Club South Traffic Safety Foundation awarded a total of 21 prizes valued at $7,700!


Creative Poster (Category A) (Grades K-12)

Photography/Graphic Design/PSA (Category B) (Grades 9-12)

Creative Writing: Poetry/Short Story/Essay (Category C) (Grades 6-12)


Creative Poster “A” Winners       

1st Place

Noah Pentz

Jessie Penz

Conley Chilver

Joshua Padgett


2nd Place

Branden Huggins

Katlyn Keith

Sara Tian-Hong Hua

Andy Salas


3rd Place

Adam Bakst

Kristen DiBello

Spenser Wilson

Megan Nicole Ford



Photography/Graphic Design/PSA“B” Winners

1st Place

Nathan Kramer


2nd Place

Melissa T. Dixon


3rd Place

Jazmin Marie Rivera


Creative Writing: Poetry/Short Story/Essay “C” Winners

 1st Place

Shea Vassar

Santina Kenney


2nd Place

Jael Batista

Reagan Strout


3rd Place

Vironica Gurnawan

Julie Seitz



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