All tickets should be available to e-mail

Status: Implemented
by on ‎10-13-2012 03:16 PM

Without a branch office closer than 2 hours from my house, I'm very frustrated that all tickets don't have the ability to be e-mailed. We are very much spur of the moment people. On Friday we may decide to hop in the car on Saturday morning and take off for parts unknown. I'm not going to drive out of my way to get a $6 discount. It's to the point that I'm very much considering canceling my (15+ yr) membership 

Status: Implemented
by Community Manager
on ‎10-18-2012 01:58 PM
Status changed to: In Progress
Hi, Mookie, You're not the first to mention this and we are working on it. Please stay tuned.... Stephen
by Agee
on ‎06-24-2013 02:43 PM

Its June 2013. Has AAA implemented this practice?

by Community Manager
on ‎06-24-2013 03:56 PM

Yes we have. If you click on our attraction tickets Fun page, you can buy online and have them emailed to you and/or print them at home.

by Community Manager
on ‎06-24-2013 03:56 PM
Status changed to: Implemented

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