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by outdoorsntn on ‎11-08-2013 08:40 AM

Recently moved to east Tennessee and very disappointed that AAA didn't list discounts for many of the great entertainment, family recreations, shops and restaurants in the state. There are so many things to do in the area and I am sure your Tennessee members would be quick to respond and be very appreciative. Just the town of Jonesborough which is the oldest town in Tennessee, has many things in the area including the Story Telling Center, that attracts thousands of visitors a year There is rafting, kayaking, hiking, camping and the historic locations in the area are endless. From our home we can be in Asheville, Nc, Gatlinburg, Tn, Bristol Motor Speedway, numerous ski resorts in about an hour.. Also don't forget North Carolina. We live less than 45 min from some great attractions in N.C. Also. Are there any plans to add additional partners in this area? Have been a member since 1984 and we really appreciate the security that AAA gives us 24 /7.


Bill Jones

Chuckey, Tn.


by cdesvoignes
on ‎11-13-2013 09:08 AM

How very disappointed I am with the renewal of my membership this year.  Honestly, I am astounded to think that AAA has kept a portion of my previous payment and will not apply to the fee without making me pay in full.  My current insurance carrier offers the same service for less money, I have always decided AAA was worth it for the maps and certain other services that you offer and I have used from time to time.  After today's conversation with your customer service and the decision to ONLY apply the previously made payment IF instead of EZ pay I paid in full today (even though if I do not have you apply the previous payment I could go online right now and re-sign up for EZ pay) I will choose to purchase maps from the store.  $154.00 is $69.00 more than I will pay through my insurance and for $69.00 I can purchase a lot of maps.  Sorry to say that this member since 2005 is not happy and no longer going to be a member of AAA or a recommended company to my friends and family.


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