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AAA Covering Bicycling Trips

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by beebo on ‎06-27-2011 12:33 PM

I try to "kill three birds with one stone" by cycling everywhere I can rather than use my car. I'll explain; (1) It reduces gas cost&; (2) It is better for the environment & (3) It is great exercise. I think it would be a wonderful idea and maybe encourage others who are hesitant for longer trips to cover our bicycles on our plans. Sometimes I get rather far from home and should I incur a flat or chain break I have no one I could call to rescue me. I would be willing to pay extra to have this service as an option.; Looking forward to comments Debbie

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Rewards for unused service calls

Status: Under Consideration
by on ‎02-23-2011 09:30 AM

I was a member for 24 years, lef t for year and am back again! One of the reasons I left was the frustration of barely ever using my service calls (5 for my daugher and 5 for myself). Despite the fact my 2000 Ford F-150 has 388,000 miles, I've gone this year without one call for help, as has my daughter. The same for my last year of membership. Maybe a reward of an extra service call or two for those like myself that don't tax the system would be nice. Or a discount toward the following years renewal. It's nice to know AAA is there when we need you, but also for those of us who are willing to change our own flat tires, get a buddy to jump start us or help push us to pop the clucth, a nice reward should be in order. I think it could also serve as an incentive for other people to "save" their calls for more serious instances and try and do the "do-able" stuff themselves.


Mark Greenfield

Status: Under Consideration
Mark, Thank you for the great idea. I know that a program similar to what you suggested is currently being discussed by our membership team. I am going to pass this post to the team, so they can read a members perspective. Thanks again, Amy

Car sign saying "Call AAA ."

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by on ‎06-10-2011 10:38 AM

Hi Community Members,

I recently received an email from a member with a product suggestion and wanted to see what all of you thought of the idea.  Feel free to vote for or against the idea and share your own opinions in the thread.




"How wonderful is this!! - for while I was driving to work this morning I thought of a great suggestion to submit to AAA and then when I arrive to work I see an email from AAA in my in-box. Example: I have a huge fold-up cardboard sign in my car that can hook to the back of the vehicle that reads in very large print CALL POLICE, however, most times when I'm stuck on the road I do not need the police - I need AAA. I'm a Mom, the only person in the family that can work and drive, caring for 3-disabled family members that can not work or drive, therefore, money is my household is tight - just like most households. I do not own a cell phone and most likely would stay in my car with the windows up and the doors locked until an officer shows up. Suggestion: Would AAA please consider to make a huge plastic, easy-to-fold-up-small, bright colored sign with long tie strings, that will easily tie onto any part of the vehicle, with large print that reads: CALL AAA 800-222-4357?. "

We have been AAA members for 20+ years and our parents have been members for 50 years and we LOVE AAA.  One thing that I would like to see is ability to share service call quotas amongst ourselves, even if the other card member isn't present.  I understand the policy of having a card member present at the call (preventing use by non-members), but if we're all on the same account, paying with the same card, wouldn't it make sense to allow me to share my unused quota with, say, my daughter, whose car is more prone to needing service calls?  To insist on me being present when her car needs a jump or tow, seems a bit rigid and not very AAA like, in my opinion.  I think reasonable folks would agree.  I propose a policy change.  Thanks so much for your consideration!

Status: Under Consideration
Your idea has been forwarded to senior management for consideration.

Bicycle Roadside Assistance

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by crytter on ‎05-18-2011 11:19 AM

Please consider offering your services for bicycles! I would feel so much more confident going on long trips if I knew I had you to rescue me. Just think how getting behind green transit would help your PR!


 Thanks for all the help over the years!

-Chantelle Rytter

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Can you check my battery?

Status: Already Exists
by MaryJo on ‎12-20-2010 08:41 AM

I think my battery is starting to go. I think it would be a great idea if AAA offered free battery testing....

Status: Already Exists

Tow my boat

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by on ‎10-06-2010 07:57 AM

Wouldn’t it be great if AAA could tow my boat when I run out of gas or have engine problems on the water.  That way AAA could rescue me on both land and sea.  It would also keep me from having multiple membership plans.

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motorcycle towing

Status: Already Exists
by on ‎06-23-2013 05:37 PM

i have the plus membership and had to have my bike towed from clermont, fl to pinellas park, tow for 100 miles and it ended up 94 miles. great deal, however would be nice if towing services included trailers for motorcycles. my bike was on a flatbed for cars which had alot of oil on it from the cars. not a good combination for motorcycle tires and shoes.

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Service Verification

Status: Acknowledged
by Begrdnr on ‎05-28-2013 09:14 AM

I've been a member of AAA for almost 15 years and had my first disgusting experience yesterday.  I was towing my boat to the shop and the wheel bearing on the trailer failed.  I called AAA and the service rep said that while I did not have that coverage, they could still do it for $100.  After waiting for 90 minutes, the truck gets there only to tell me he could not do it.  He said he could if it was JUST the trailer, but not the trailer and the boat.  I'm CERTAIN I explained the situation when I first got someone one the phone.  I was not really all that bothered that AAA could not do it, but I was VERY upset that I was told differently.  I had another tow company available that was ready to come but I told them not to as AAA was on the way.  So, a 45 minute situation turned into a 3 hour situation as I lost my spot in the other service company's que. 
In short: try not to offer what you can't deliver.

Status: Acknowledged
I'm sorry Begrdnr. That is certainly not the level of service we strive to provide. I've submitted a formal complaint on your behalf, and a member from our quality assurance team should be looking into the situation shortly. Sorry again.
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by ‎03-29-2012 01:14 AM - edited ‎04-08-2012 11:55 PM

An overwhelming percentage of car owners seldom think of their trunk. Maybe the thought should be revisited, With the proliferation of cell phones... A false sense of security could prevail . The "far-out" idea of being forced into our trunk, seldom occurs. A lackadaisical attitude might become a serious occurrence.  

 Late-model, vehicle trunks, are  equipped with an emergency  pull strap. Older models, not likely equipped. Review your instruction booklet  for information relating to"  INSIDE TRUNK, DECK  RELEASE."


 To assist advanced preparation, this web site might be helpful. HOW TO ESCAPE FROM THE TRUNK OF YOUR CAR, 7 STEPS. ...


 Norm S.



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Car Class Basics.... Or Advanced...

Status: Acknowledged
by tjanastasa on ‎03-17-2012 05:35 PM
Status: Acknowledged
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Out of Gas hang tag

Status: Acknowledged
by cbyrd on ‎01-12-2012 09:30 AM

I would love it if AAA created a hang tag that I could keep in my car to remind me to get gas. I usually realize that I'm almost out of gas when I'm heading home from work and plan to get it the next morning. Currently, I just keep a piece of paper in my car that says "get gas" and I put this on my car seat so I won't miss it when I get in the car in the morning. But, wouldn't it be great if AAA made a hang tag that I could hang on my steering wheel that said "Get Gas" and had the Emergency Roadside Assistance phone number and a place where I could write in my Member #.  Oh, I could also put my personal emergency contact numbers on there too.

I really don't like the feeling that I'm almost out of gas and I think this would be a great help!
Thank you, Cbyrd 

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks, Cbyrd, I'll pass it along!
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Stock Enough Batteries in Nov-Dec

Status: Acknowledged
by jonjonz on ‎12-10-2011 10:18 AM

We have been AAA members for many many years and have always received excellent service whenever we called for it.


Recently our car would not start/turnover on a very cold December morning.  A quick check of our records showed the battery to be 5 years old, surely time to replace it.  We went online to AAA to locate the local office number and while doing so saw the roadside assistance delivered battery program, which sounded exactly like what we needed.


We called and a roadside assistance person was there in minutes, however eventhough we has asked for a battery for our make and model when we called, they did not have one.  They told us they were out of stock of our battery model. The representative skillfully jump started our car and was most polite and helpful.  We thanked them and drove to a local retailer of batteries where a new one was installed.


Because of some bean counters failure to stock enough batteries to meet the demand, AAA lost the profit from our purchasing a $100+ battery product.  The program is a fantastic idea marred by awful execution.  We wish to see AAA prosper and be there to provide the type of excellent service we depend on, and hope AAA will review thier battery procurement methods with an eye to always be able to meet the demand.




Status: Acknowledged
Thanks, JonJonz, we'll pass along your comments. Obviously it's a challenge predicting how much of a common battery is needed versus how little of a less-common battery. I'm happy to report that our Battery team has an excellent service record. On those occasions where we can't replace a battery, we always do the next best thing--get the member on the go, or towed to their mechanic of choice.
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Coverage for Pets

Status: Acknowledged
by hobopals on ‎09-30-2011 08:19 PM

I travel with my dog. I belong to a camping group where most members swear Good Sam is better than AAA because in the event of an accident/breakdown, arrangements are made for the safety and well-being of the as noted below. I hate to switch from AAA. I buy Premier for myself and my sons and 4 other memberships. Will be adding other memberships as each grand child starts to drive.


I think I could sway some business your way as Good Sam doesn't beat the Premium membership, in my mind, but it would have to include something for the pets. You might want to look at their website. Here's a post from the group I belong to:


While traveling in your RV in the event of a medical or personal emergency, we will assist in making arrangements for pet care, transport or safe return.


Besides all of the other benefits, which in comparison to Triple A are a personal choice, for what Nancy said was depending on your travel style.   I switched to Good Sam for the Emergency Pet Assistance (see below from Good Sam website) among the other benefits of course.

Emergency Pet Transport
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Last Friday while I was going to Valencia to take my son to pick up his first college schedule our car broke down. It  was hot  and my car would not start so that meant we were unable to  turn on the air conditioner. When the AAA driver showed up he immediately offered us a bottled water. What an act of kindness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I I hope all the AAA drivers start doing that . What Excellent Customer Service AAA has!!!!!

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I am a AAA member and I own horses.  Because AAA does not offer a roadside assistance plan for members towing horses/horse trailers, I have to purchase a separate Equestrian Motor Plan from a company called US Rider.  I would rather be able to have this service through AAA because I have experience with their roadside assistance and dependability.


Can you look into offering this type of plan similar to the US Rider one?  I'm sure your members across the country would be interested.


Thanks for listening.

Status: Acknowledged

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