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Rewards for unused service calls

Status: Under Consideration
by on ‎02-23-2011 09:30 AM

I was a member for 24 years, lef t for year and am back again! One of the reasons I left was the frustration of barely ever using my service calls (5 for my daugher and 5 for myself). Despite the fact my 2000 Ford F-150 has 388,000 miles, I've gone this year without one call for help, as has my daughter. The same for my last year of membership. Maybe a reward of an extra service call or two for those like myself that don't tax the system would be nice. Or a discount toward the following years renewal. It's nice to know AAA is there when we need you, but also for those of us who are willing to change our own flat tires, get a buddy to jump start us or help push us to pop the clucth, a nice reward should be in order. I think it could also serve as an incentive for other people to "save" their calls for more serious instances and try and do the "do-able" stuff themselves.


Mark Greenfield

Status: Under Consideration
Mark, Thank you for the great idea. I know that a program similar to what you suggested is currently being discussed by our membership team. I am going to pass this post to the team, so they can read a members perspective. Thanks again, Amy

I just learned about earning rewards when I shop online via Looking through all the online stores you offer, I found a bunch I shop at, but I'd love it if you could add a couple of learning/science partners for the holidays? Two of my favorites are Nat'l Geographics... They have really cool stuff...and another one for science is  I always end up buy a bunch of stuff for family members that has a learning angle to it...getting some AAA Dollar Rewards for doing it would be cool!

We have been AAA members for 20+ years and our parents have been members for 50 years and we LOVE AAA.  One thing that I would like to see is ability to share service call quotas amongst ourselves, even if the other card member isn't present.  I understand the policy of having a card member present at the call (preventing use by non-members), but if we're all on the same account, paying with the same card, wouldn't it make sense to allow me to share my unused quota with, say, my daughter, whose car is more prone to needing service calls?  To insist on me being present when her car needs a jump or tow, seems a bit rigid and not very AAA like, in my opinion.  I think reasonable folks would agree.  I propose a policy change.  Thanks so much for your consideration!

Status: Under Consideration
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New product AAA should sell

Status: Under Consideration
by ralphie on ‎02-10-2011 12:00 PM
I have been a member of AAA for 43 years. In my old age it is harder for me to do the things I used to, like go to my local branch. I can only go after my podiatrist gives my my monthly nail clippings. I recently found a very good invention that helps me clip my own nails now. I think AAA would sell a lot of this product and make a lot of money. I don't k ow how to post photos here but I found it on the interweb. All you have to do is type these letters and numbers in you computer.

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