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Hotel Safety & Hygiene

Status: New Idea
by 30Haggai1 on ‎03-16-2016 03:19 PM

There has been a fair number of articles in the news paper regarding "bed bugs," at hotels.  As this is a serious concern that faces travelers, I think it would be good of AAA to do an article in the travel magazine about prevention and treatment strategies for travelers.  Like most infectious things, when most of the people practice prevention strategies the spreading of the infectious agent is reduced.  Knowledge is the key.

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Trash Mail Sent under AAA Auspices(sp?)

Status: New Idea
by Annoyed on ‎03-16-2016 07:49 AM

Is there any way to stop the "special" offers from AAA associates/advertisers/sponsors or what ever that come without any external markings that would indicate that they are just trash or spam?  Almost all are totally useless and are marked Critical, Open Immediately, Deadline.  My God I must get a tree's worth each year.  How about stopping it?

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Magellen GPS Purchasing Resources

Status: New Idea
by byarosh15 on ‎02-19-2016 10:05 AM

It would be nice if AAA would tie into a Resource for purchasing as a member the Magellen GPS Products and Accessories since they use AAA tour book as points of interest and maps, for the Members to get a discount to purchase.  One resource

I know of is Premium Store, 575 Underhill Blvd Unit 350 Syosset, NY 11791 1-866-537-7083


I use this product alot, since I am a woman driver and travel alone on business trips, and pleasure trips. 



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Status: New Idea
by on ‎02-07-2016 12:41 PM

Where have all the contests gone??? you dont do these anymore?? Whats up with that?

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My driving record is very very good. I have been an AAA member many many many years. Even though my record is great and I have been a member for many years my autromobile insurance rates have skyrocketed. When I ask why I am told that even though my driving record is great and that I have been with AAA for a long time I MUST pay more because I am in DEBT.


My God, what does being in dept have to do with good driving? It appears to me that this is just another attempt for a large corportation to rip off it's customers. Since they can't get more money from me because I am a safe driver AAA has now reverted to devising a scheme that would make their corporation more monies at the espense of its customers.


Geez, if I'm in dept but a safe driver you would think that the company would be kind to my wallet and charge me less as a good and safe driver. This has scheme written all over it. Why hasn't our Gov't seen thru this?

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In the November/December 2015 AAALiving Magazine on page 11,  AAA advises that one could go to ProtectMYID after going to in order to subscribe to the free benefit of identity monitoring services.  When one follows those instructions, one cannot successully get to that site.  I even put that and all kinds of varitions into the AAA search, all coming up with "no results".  After being totally frustrated following those instructions, I called AAA and spoke with Kathy, who acknowledged that the information cited above and appearing in the AAALiving Magazine was in ffact, in error, and further stated that I  was the 2nd person calling for that same reason.  Kathy tried to be helpful and provided the following site in order to obtain that information:  After several attempts once again along with inserting various variations of that and getting the same aforementioned results of "no results" found, I gave up and drafted this.  I hope that it'll appear in the next issue correctly so one doesn't have to waste all this time, and once again, without getting the information. Giving up for now.



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Still No Blackberry App!

Status: New Idea
by wheedl on ‎11-12-2015 10:10 AM

For years I have been pestering AAA to make their mobile app available to Blackberry users, and still no joy. What will it take to make this available to an albeit small but just as important segment of the community? It can't be that hard!

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Need more drivers on-call for assistance

Status: New Idea
by April1202 on ‎10-30-2015 12:02 AM

Tonight, my husband broke down at 8:30pm and called AAA for a tow...they said they would be there at 9:30pm. At 10:00pm my husband called them again...they said the truck was on its way. I called at 10:45pm and the customer service worker made multiple attempts to contact the driver then accidently hung up on me. The representative did immediately call back and placed me on hold again while she tried to contact the driver again. She finally said he was in the area near my husband and providing a jump start and would be responding soon. At 11:30pm my husband called again and they said he was next on the list. At 11:35 my husband received a text from AAA saying he could expect the service provider to be arriving between now and 12:34AM. At midnight the service provider finally arrived.


Is there only one tow truck available for the entire Knoxville area? There are a lot of customers that use this service because they have teens and etc. If this were me stranded where my husband is then I would be terrified. I would be even more worried if it was our 17 year old daughter. I looked everywhere on the site to express my concerns about there not being enough service providers available but did not find anywhere to post this otherthan this suggestion area.  I am not sure paying for  the roadside assistance plus service is worth risking safety on the side of the road for 4 hours waiting for assistance. 

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Offer EV Charging at AAA Offices

Status: New Idea
by tnrambler on ‎09-04-2015 11:03 AM

I am a long time member and the owner of a Nissan LEAF, all-electric car.  It would be a nice gesture for AAA to offer charging stations for members at AAA offices.  For example, when I am in the neighborhood of the office here in Chattanooga, it would be nice to be able to top off while I am having dinner next door (paying for the service through a charging network like Blink, for example).

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Submitt a Member Story

Status: New Idea
by Eugenia on ‎08-20-2015 04:13 PM

You just never know where a teacher’s classroom assignment will take you. When Marilyn Hawker, a teacher at Neptune Beach Elementary, assigned my sons a project, I never imagined that it would be the start of trips which would take my family all across the United States to the most stunningly beautiful places in the world.  They were asked to pick a National Park, write to the park service, and prepare a ten to fifteen minute presentation, complete with pictures for her class.  Being the mother of boys and knowing that oral presentations were not their favorite assignment, I decided to sweeten the pot. I promised them that if they did a good job, we would actually visit the park.  Her assignment that year started the journey that continues today.  Each year we pick a new park or sometimes we revisit one that we have visited before.  Mother Nature does not disappoint.

That summer we packed up our flip flops, bought some hiking boots, and took off to Montana to Yellowstone National Park.  We were in awe of the wildlife and the scenery. Since then we have travelled to Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, California, Arizona, North Carolina, Utah, Colorado, Maine, Washington DC, Tennessee, Canada and the Florida Keys to more than 24 of the most gorgeous National Parks and National Monuments on the planet. Our family’s happiest memories are centered around the trips that we have taken together, and thankfully these places have been protected by our federal government for future generations. Hopefully, the saga will continue.

This summer, my son, Chase, now twenty-three, who was a first grader when these trips began, proposed to the girl of his dreams, at the Silver Salmon Creek Lodge, at Lake Clark National Park on a beach in Alaska.  I photographed him as he dropped to one knee with bears playing in the background.  I’m certain that his finance, Katie, knows that she was saying “yes” to more than a marriage.  She was saying yes to a lifetime of traveling and exploring and observing the most extraordinary creatures and stunning scenery that our nation has to offer, it’s National Parks.

Thank you, Mrs. Hawker, for it all began with your classroom assignment. Submitted by Eugenia McCall.

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teens texting and driving

Status: New Idea
by t9165ab on ‎06-27-2015 05:14 AM

The best way to help our kids stay off the phones while driving is with a manual transmission. It is next to impossible to do both.

Lets get AAA to offer a training seminar at our highschools and Chrysler to provide the vehicle.

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Our local AAA office has been closed and the closest office is 25 miles away.  This week I tried to call this office, no answer, left a message to call me back, no call back received.  I drove down to the office and was told that they didn't receive my voice message and that there was no one available to talk to me.  They offered to set up a time, but it would require another trip to the office. They offered a brochure, but I have plenty of information.  I needed to talk to a travel agent who might know more about the location we were considering.  We no longer receive the quality travel services that we once received.  We suggest that those no longer served by a travel office be charged a different price. especially since driving there is quite expensive and having to make several trips is even more expensive.  Mail ordered books are quite inconvenient as when we need the book to plan we are still waiting for it to arrive and it often arrives after we have left.  We don't plan that far ahead.  I had a similar experience two years ago when I talked over the phone to an agent about recommendations for a trip to Italy and she never called me back.  We have been members since 1985 for Iowa MN, and for 10 years prior to that in Illinois.  We are unhappy with AAA travel service.

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The top selling muscle coupes in America

Status: New Idea
by briemcula on ‎04-15-2015 01:13 AM

There’s just something special about a well-built American muscle car. Their menacing designs just look fast. Chevrolet’s Camaro, Dodge’s Challenger, and Ford’s Mustang remain the top three contenders for the title of bestselling muscle car. While we could compare polls, horsepower, 0-60 times, and other stats, the most telling statistic of all is sales. Here’s a look at how the top 3 American muscle cars stack up against each other when it comes to 2015 sales.


Auto news brought to you by




Tags: muscle cars, car insurance, auto insurance, affordable car insurance, affordable auto insurance



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Booking a hotel through AAA Travel

Status: New Idea
by aaasandy on ‎03-11-2015 12:54 PM

We were very disappointed to learn about the Cancellation Policy when booking a hotel room through AAA Travel.  The written policy is most misleading.  It seems there is a $25 cancellation fee regardless of when one cancels the reservation.  It does not matter what the "room type" and "full refund"  means "full refund" minus $25.  When calling to dispute the charge it is not AAA who handles it,  but someone with limited English on another continent.  We are extremely surprised AAA would do this to their members.  When we spoke with the hotel personnel directly we learned they receive 88% of our nightly charge.  The rest goes to this foreign company.  We were told by the hotel personnel that we would see greater savings if we booked directly with the hotel (at least by 12%).


Normally a hotel reservation can be cancelled with no financial penalty if done at least 24 hours prior to arrival.  We just wanted to let other AAA members know to beware of booking through the AAA Travel site.  We certainly will NEVER use it again.

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How do we help women learn to fish?

Status: New Idea
by on ‎02-25-2015 09:13 AM

Fishing is so much fun but can be a bit bewildering for beginners. What is the best way to spread the word about weekend events to teach women and teens fishing skills? Ladies, Let's Go Fishing offers four events in Florida:

March 14-15 Ft. Myers/Matlacha

April 17-19 South Florida

May 29-31 Treasure Coast

November 13-15 Keys/Islamorada

All offer hands-on skill practice and a chance to go fishing on the water as well!

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secure shred service

Status: New Idea
by dhellofit on ‎01-15-2015 04:26 PM

Why can't the branch offices have an ongoing service for members that would allow them to drop off secure shred items in a designated bin when they are in the area? Or, at least offer this as an event every few months, if possible.  This would benefit me greatly and I am sure I am not the only member who would appreciate the service. 

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Healthy food options & Eco-tourism

Status: New Idea
by kking16 on ‎03-26-2014 01:23 PM

I used the tour guides during a recent trip and was frustrated with the lack of healthy food listing in the guides. My husband and I seek out restaraunts that serve healthy fare and all of the descriptions were of greasy, fried food. There is a growing number of people like myself who seek healthier options and we found the tour guides completely useless for dinner options for us. Please include restaraunts that serve healthy food, maybe a symbol for vegetarian options, organic food served, or non-gmo. There are many restaraunts that serve food from local farmers or have gardens on their premises. I would love to see these listed in the guides. We are also about to take a cross-country camping trip and would love to have a list of farmers markets by state where we can find fresh (organic) produce. Have you considered putting together an ecotourism guide that lists destinations that are eco-friendly or maybe agritourism? Food and farm travel is one of the fastest growing segments in the travel industry. I would love to have a guide that lists farms we can visit or tour during our travels as well. Please see the attached article. My generation is seeking more meaningful travel destinations. There is more to life than Disney World and theme parks.


We use the following websites to locate such options, but do not always have internet access. I would love to see and would really apprecate a guide that lists this information without having to go online. Please consider putting one together. 


Here is a website that lists healthy food options to get you started. 


Farmers Markets:




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Sad about change in campground guides

Status: New Idea
by paddlepuff on ‎03-03-2014 04:40 PM

I would like to see AAA return to the former style of campground guides. They were much more usable for me than the Woodall's guides that are now given to members.  They were easier to go leaf through, easier to read, and it is easier for me to take just the guides for state/s I need on a trip.  Sometimes I fly to a state with my tent, and this Woodall guide is way to big to take on airplane.

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Reprint Misplaced/Lost Tickets

Status: New Idea
by jmcbride on ‎12-30-2013 01:58 PM

In this day and time many tickets for events can be purchased electronically.  This is a sure way to verify accuracy and cut down on fraud. I had a recent experience when I attempted to purchase tickets online via AAA website to no avail. I called the local branch who verified I could not make an online ticket purchase for that particular event.  I drove approx 25 miles and purchased the tickets from the office. I went away for Christmas and afterward I could not locate the paper tickets.  I called AAA to reprint the tickets for me. To my surprise, AAA does not have a system in place to reprint tickets. However they could see clearly that I purchased to tics and they had not been used.  Please upgrade your ticketing system, so this does not happen to others.(SABO is one ticketing system to consider).  I don't have a problem paying a reasonable reprint fee, but to pay full price is absolutely ridiculous.

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AAA Internet Service Bad Experience

Status: New Idea
by on ‎12-30-2013 09:43 AM

In 2013 we booked a room at Holiday Inn Express.  Upon checkout they said it was booked thru Expedia, I said no, it was book on aaa.  They refused to give me a room receipt.  Why?  Because they charged $50 for incidentals on our charge card.  I was furious, our agent never heard of that.  They FINALLY took the charge off.


Today, Dec. 30th.  Another on-line problem.  I paid our Membership fee on 11/25/13 for my husband only, took my name off the membership..  I went on-line to check room rates yesterday and it said we did not have an account.  I called and was told our membership number changed.  Why didn't my husband get a new card?????  


I personally don't think you should book, pay or do anything but view stuff on the website.


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