A Dark Cloud’s Silver Lining: Travel Insurance Saved the Day

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AAA Members Joe and Ginny Pinkoski's travel plans were ruined, but they got their money back thanks to travel insurance and the efforts of their AAA Travel Consultant.


My husband, Joe, and I went on an Alaskan cruise in 2013 for our anniversary, and we had a wonderful time. We had booked the cruise at our local AAA office with the assistance of AAA Travel Consultant Jeanette Vest.


Because we had so much fun, we decided to go on another cruise, this time to New England and Canada. Naturally, we went back to Jeanette, and she spent several hours with us, helping make all the arrangements. One of the most valuable services she provided was recommending we buy travel insurance, just in case something happened and we couldn’t go.


As fate would have it, something happened.


In early April, Joe was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. The doctors said Joe would make a full recovery, but they recommended that we cancel our cruise, which was scheduled for May.


Upset by Joe’s injuries and afraid we wouldn’t get our money back for the cruise, I called Jeanette. She calmed me down, reminded me about the travel insurance we’d bought and immediately mailed us the paperwork we needed for our claims. Jeanette also canceled our plane, hotel and cruise ship reservations. Thanks to her hard work and swift action, our credit card charges were credited back to us within a couple of weeks, and we quickly received our checks from the insurance carrier.


Joe is feeling much better now, and we’ve discussed taking another cruise soon. Thanks to Jeanette’s incredible efforts, and the fantastic travel products and services we’ve experienced through AAA, we’ll definitely come to Jeanette and AAA to book that cruise—and purchase travel insurance.


To learn more about travel insurance, contact your AAA Travel Consultant.


Image source: Daniel Meigs

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