Member Story: A Mother Gives Her Son the Gift of AAA

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For Karen Bernstein and her son, Jordan Bressler, the AAA Gift Membership is a heartfelt tradition.


Karen: “I joined AAA about a year after I was divorced. I drove an old Datsun then, with my two young children in the back seat, so AAA’s Roadside Assistance was important to me. Once, we were driving and the car just stopped. We coasted to the side of the road and there I am, alone with the kids. It was horrible—and scary. But I was able to call AAA for help. The security that AAA provided me, as a single mother, was invaluable.


So when Jordan, my oldest, started driving, I put him on my AAA Membership as an Associate Member. I wanted to make sure that he had the same security I enjoyed through AAA—and that if he got stuck anywhere, he’d be able to call AAA for help if he couldn’t reach me.


Today, 29 years later, I still give Jordan his AAA Membership, now as a gift membership. He has his own family and certainly can afford to pay for his own membership—but this is just something nice I can do for him. He has three children and works hard. For not a lot of money, I give him (and me) the reassurance that if anything happens to the car, he can make a call to AAA—and they’ll be OK.”


Jordan: “When my mom got me my first AAA Membership, I was 16. In my wallet, I had maybe a couple bucks and a library card. To add this AAA Card with my name embossed on it felt like a sign of maturity—like I had crossed into adult territory.


Now I’m 45, and I get the card from her in the mail every year, usually with a little note signed, ‘Love, Mom.’ She’s never missed a year.


It’s an act of connectedness that’s very reassuring to me. I’m an adult now, responsible for my own family, and yet someone still has my back—and that means a lot to me.”


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A version of this story appears in the March/April 2015 issue of AAA Living magazine.


Image credit/source: Betsy Hansen



by Jlynn_14
on ‎04-11-2016 12:20 PM

I love this post... sounds exactly like my story.  My mom has gotten me my AAA Plus membership since I started driving and I too am 46 y/o and still get it every year as a Christmas gift.  My parents still use AAA even though they drive new expensive cars that provide Roadside Assistance... they just prefer AAA and it's not just roadside, AAA provides so many other services and discounts.  I couldn't live without it.  Anyway.... just wanted to say I really enjoy reading this... it's just like me and my mom.  Made me smile Smiley Happy

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