Member Story: AAA Finds Trusted Auto Repair Shop for College Student

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Membership offers Diane Pezick and her daughter, Leigh Ann, security and value.


When our daughter, Leigh Ann, left home last summer for college, my husband and I experienced a range of emotions: pride, excitement, apprehension—just to name a few. And because she was going to have a car on campus, we bought her a AAA Membership—for our peace of mind and hers.


After enjoying her Christmas break with us at home, Leigh Ann drove back to school. I was relieved when she called to tell us she had arrived on campus safely, but distressed to learn that her car had started vibrating and the “check engine” light had come on.


I recalled a good experience we’d had using a AAA Approved Auto Repair shop. So I went to and found three approved shops near Leigh Ann’s campus. My husband called one of them: Southside Auto Repair.


The gentleman he spoke with was helpful and accommodating. He agreed to confer with my husband on the diagnosis and take his credit card number by phone to pay for any repairs.


The car was ready the next day. My husband hadn’t told the shop that our daughter is a AAA Member, so I reminded Leigh Ann to show her AAA Card when she picked up her car.


She did, and they immediately adjusted the bill to honor the 10 percent discount on labor for AAA Members. They even called my husband to tell him the amount of the adjusted final bill.


It’s comforting to know that, for the next four years, there is an auto repair shop that we can trust—one that will treat our daughter with respect, perform quality work and charge fair prices.


Back in 1976, my parents sent me off to college with a used car and a AAA Membership. A lot may have changed in 40 years, but one thing that hasn’t is the value of AAA Membership.


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A version of this story appears in the July/August 2015 issue of AAA Living magazine.


Image credit/source: Dan Watson

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