Member Story: No Gas? No Problem!

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AAA comes to the rescue of the Griffis family when they become stranded on a road trip.


“We have a carload of hungry kids and dogs, and we’re in the middle of nowhere!”


With that plea for help, I put the success of my family’s Thanksgiving vacation into the hands of AAA.


I was calling from Interstate 70 in Kansas last November. My husband and I were driving to Colorado with our four boys and two dogs, so the kids could ski for the first time. 


Before leaving home, I had picked up a TripTik from my local AAA office to navigate the long drive—and, along the way, a children’s road atlas to entertain the boys. They loved the atlas games, and after many hours on the road, they were still quizzing Dan and me on state capitals and mottos when our minivan slowed down drastically. 


We pulled to the side of the road before the car stopped completely. “I think we ran out of gas,” Dan said, glancing at the fuel gauge. Surrounded by Kansas’ open fields and wind farms, we checked our TripTik—the nearest gas station was 18 miles away!


Dan wanted to hitchhike there. “No, I’ll call AAA,” I said. “It’s the only hope we have.”


My husband was a bit skeptical—we were in the middle of nowhere, after all. But sure enough, our AAA “angel” arrived 40 minutes after I called the number on my AAA Card.  He was good-natured and helpful as he put enough fuel in our tank to get us to the next station. (We have Classic Membership, so we paid him $8 for four gallons.) He even checked our battery before we went on our way.


Over the years, I’ve used my AAA Membership for discounts, TripTiks and vehicle lockouts—but never for emergency fuel. My fear on this trip was heavy snow, which we did encounter the closer we got to Colorado. But at least we had gas, thanks to AAA.


A version of this story appears in the September/October 2015 issue of AAA Living magazine.


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