Member Story: No Place Like Home

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After a fire destroyed Darlene and Raymond Falkner’s house, AAA helped them rebuild.


My husband, Raymond, woke me one morning last February with news no one wants to hear: Our house was on fire, and there was no time to save anything but ourselves. Outside the farmhouse that had been our home for more than 60 years, we stood in zero-degree weather as firefighters put out the blaze. We learned that sparks from our wood furnace had started the fire in the chimney, burned the side of the house and spread through the attic, destroying the roof.


Then something happened we weren’t expecting. We got an outpouring of support from neighbors, the Red Cross—and our AAA insurance agent. Neighbors donated cash to help with our immediate needs. The Red Cross got us a room in a motel where we could stay for the night. And our AAA agent, Robin Knopp, met with us at the motel and promised to see us through the tragedy.


Robin had already been to the house to review the damage, and she contacted the AAA adjustor, Doug Huebner, to let him know where we were staying. Doug met with us the day of the fire and personally delivered a debit card that had $2,000 in emergency funds for us to use. He also explained the services that AAA could provide, and he contacted companies to start the restoration of our home. He even went to our property and, with a neighbor’s help, drained our water lines to prevent frozen pipes.


The day after the fire, Doug arranged for temporary power to be connected at the house, and he got the cleaning and restoration specialists started working. Then he arranged for a hotel room where we could stay long-term, while our house was being rebuilt.


Reconstruction involved significant work, but as soon as it was complete, we moved back into our house. It’s a great feeling to be home, making new memories, thanks to the dedication of the team at AAA.



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A version of this story appears in the January/February 2016 issue of AAA Living magazine.


Image credit/source: David Ellis

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 Dear AAA Administration, 


The Chappell family would like you to know that you have two precious Gems that has represented your company very well and I know they will continue. I know there are many others to represent your company but,I would like you to know they are special to us. There is Bill! known as William E Maraldo.  He is a very kind and patient person when things was turned upside down With us, I was able to call him and he directed and guide me on a few issues that made are life less    

Burdensome. Everytime I called him which there were many calls he returned my calls  promptly and address the issue.

    Margaret Todd, handle contents portion she really did a fine job and getting Total Loss Company to handle our belongings.  She reached out to us several times to see how things were going with us and if we had any questions she said do not hesitate to her. Communication is the best policy for AAA and Margaret Todd did exactly that she kept communication lines open.  I'm asking that these two persons be recognized by AAA of Michigan and I know there's many more but I never experience of fire and it was the most horrible thing. They were like my psychiatrist they brought me back in a good mental state with the kindness they shown. We both Chappellfamily will never forget them and their kindness.


The Chappell's 

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