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Passion Drama

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March 23, 25, 26, 2016 6-9pm
St. Michael's Lutheran Church
3455 S. Van Buren Rd. Richville, MI  48758

Passion Drama

Welcome to the Passion Drama at  St. Michael’s Lutheran Church.  We will walk together on a journey as we witness the suffering of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.All ages are invited to come and take this 15 minute guided tour. You will see that Jesus was willing to go to the cross, take all the humiliation, extraordinary pain and suffering, and most of all, the sin of the entire human race — past, present and future — upon Himself.   He did it because He loves us and wants us to spend eternity with Him in heaven. 

It is held in the park next to our school on M-15. Please park in the church's parking lot (between M-15 and M-46) and guides will direct you to our school. You will be seated in the gym, singing hymns while waiting for the groups to be ushered by our guides. They will take you to the park where you will see and hear the scenes: 

The Agony in the Garden:  Jesus spends the night in Gethsemane praying to His Father in Heaven.
The Trial before the High Priest:  Caiaphas is the High Priest in the temple and wants to destroy Jesus before He can cause a rebellion.
Peter Denies Jesus: Jesus foretold that Peter would deny him 3 times.
Judas Betrays Jesus:  Judas was paid and follows through with the betrayal.
Jesus is tried by Pilate:  Jesus could only be executed by Roman authority and is therefore taken to Pilate.
The Crucifixion:  Jesus is whipped, given a crown of thorns and made to carry His cross to Golgotha.
Soldiers Guard the Tomb:  Pilate sends soldiers to guard the tomb so that the disciples cannot steal Jesus' body.

You are invited to return to the school for refreshments. There is no charge. We do accept free will donations to help offset the some of the costs.
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