Winning the Race

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Plan to make some life-changing resolutions for the new year? Blending ambition with attainability might help you reach the finish line successfully.


Does anybody actually take New Year’s resolutions seriously, or are they just something else to talk about while stuffing ourselves at the holiday dinner table? They do make us feel better about having eaten that extra slice of pie and running up our credit cards with holiday shopping, of course, but if they’re really just elusive aspirations, why do we even bother with them at all?


Cirque Italia

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It's not what you think.


When most hear "Cirque", their minds run toward those other circus troupes. The ones with the million dollar sets housed in permanent theaters at Las Vegas or Disney World. Those troupes are elaborate and exquisite, but they are far removed from the traveling circuses of old.


Cirque Italia lies somewhere in between.


Encamped on the grounds of MOSI (the Museum of Science and Industry) in Tampa, FL,  through Dec. 2, Cirque Italia is a mesh of the traditional and modern circus. With the feel of a traveling carnival, Cirque Italia's not-so-large, single tent sits in the middle of a field. The amenities are Spartan; the sets modest. Which really only leaves one focus for the spotlight--the entertainers.


Beginning with an energizing song and saxophone intro, the stage presents a series of mostly single performer acts, including trapeze and an "Aerial Tango" acts that thrill in the air above you, hand-balancing and contortionist acts that are simply incomprehensible, and a clown--just one--but he's a good one.


As a fifth generation circus performer, Coco Kramer knows how to engage the audience. From listening to the musical heartbeats of crowd members, to getting volunteers to throw him a variety of objects (hats, ping pong balls, etc.), Krammer has a knack for invigorating the crowd. Or perhaps they are simply cheering wildly for the lollipops he dolls out to willing participants.


My nine-year-old picked the Fornasari family comedy matador act as her favorite. This act features the only animal in the circus--a Boston Terrier with the heart (and horns) of a bull. The Fornasari family has a wide range of talents; earlier in the evening, Nicolette showcased her aerial skill on the Cloud Swing.


And there are many more, including a mesmerizing Hoops act by Elena Lev (my favorite) and an impressive display of strength and artistry in the Hand Balance act by Adam Vazquez and Anton Makuhin (whom my wife simply referred to as "The Strong Men").


Here's a promotional video from the troupe:



Cirque Italia is attractively priced for families; tickets start a just $25 for adults and $10 for children 2-12. Every seat in the big top has a great view. For more information, visit

What Kind of Traveler Are You? Take the Quiz!

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What do your vacation preferences say about your travel tastes and interests? 


Preserving past, ensuring future of Route 66

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Embark on a journey across Route 66—the legendary road from Chicago to the California coast—and you’ll find yourself navigating, at once, dimensions of both time and place. 

The constant feeling of nostalgia on this drive is so palpable that it seems like a companion along for the ride. Don’t be surprised if, on the way, you develop an unexpected affinity for kitsch and neon. 


Top Destinations for Summer Travel: Beach Vacations

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In this post, national AAA travel bloggers share their suggestions of things to do at beaches located in South Carolina, Florida and Ontario, Canada.


Check Out the AAA PetBook!

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The 2012 version of the AAA PetBook has hit AAA office shelves. Each year, AAA and Best Western hold a top dog competition awarding one lucky pup with a special feature in each year's edition.


Best Time to Buy in the New Year

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Perhaps it’s the small windfall after tax season, or even that post-holiday stack of gift cards—whatever your reason in looking for new gidgets and gadgets may be, we’ve got the best time to buy in 2012.


Theoretical Physics, gravitational abysses and other stuff I don’t know.

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I was watching PBS the other day… (It helps balance out some of my not so clever viewing choices, like the soapish ABC hit, “Revenge’.)…and learned that in the early ‘70s, Stephen Hawking had come up with a “simple” calculation to support his theory on black holes…


A Taste of Alaska

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Try these traditional Alaskan recipes.


Whale Songs

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That's not all!

To learn more about whale songs, click here

Beware the Charging Rhino

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If you've ever wanted to go on an African Safari--but without the trip to Africa--Disney has made it easy for you. The Wild Africa Trek is a relatively new experience at Animal Kingdom, where you can walk through the Pangani Forest and onto the African savanna to see Disney's exotic animals up close and personal. Accompanying you on your trek are two Disney cast members: the first is your guide, to point out, teach and explain the many sights and behaviors you'll encounter with the animals. The second is your photographer, to document your journey across the park.


Star Tours 3D...SPOILERS!!!

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A long, long time ago...well, actually it was in late May in Florida when, after an 8 month hiatus, Star Tours reopened at Disney's Hollywood Studios. But it wasn't just a reopening, it was a reimagineering. Now billed as Star Tours: The Adventure Continues, the voyage to distant worlds features all new footage, stunning 3D graphics and a new (yet familar) pilot in the Star Speeder 3000. And with 54 possible ride scenarios, every trip could be new and different.


The AAA President's Costa Rica Adventure Begins!

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John T. writes...

We have arrived at The Springs Resort and Spa in Costa Rica. What an amazing hotel. The rooms are full of hardwood, from floors to cabinets and ceilings. Hammocks are waiting outside with a view of the Arenal volcano, one of the ten most active in the world!


How to Pack like a Pro…

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I learned my lesson the hard way. My family and I were going on a 10-day Mediterranean cruise. Breaking every rule in the book, we packed like carnivores at an all meat buffet. Our oversized bags included stuff for every possible scenario—every on except the airlines losing all of our checked luggage. Yep, 10 days, no luggage.


Florida, Let's Help Protect Our Children

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Florida is the only state that does not have a child passenger safety law to protect children three and older—despite the fact that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for children this age.



AAA brings home the Bacon, Baby!

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Bacon lovers unite. I've just learned that Denny’s has created 7 “Baconalia” dishes to choose from...even a Maple Bacon Sundae. That smell will hit you the minute you hit their door. My family and I have always been big Denny's fans. Imagine my surprise when I learned that you can get a 10% discount (off the entire meal, plus beverages!) just by showing your AAA card.


The Road Less Traveled

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“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

                                    ~ Robert Frost

 Roads are driven on, paved, destroyed, and created everyday. We all have the choice to pave our own path like Mr. Frost and take the road less traveled by or, we can not try and take the easy way out.


Oh, the Places They'll Go!

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There's a popular gift that high school and college graduates receive in mass every year. It's the children's classic Oh, the Places You'll Go! by none other than Dr. Seuss.


Congratulations! Today is your day. You're off to Great Places! You're off and away!



Roads of the Living Dead

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They drove by me one after the other, their eyes glazed over and minds oblivious to what was around them. They hadn’t noticed me yet and then… then… sorry, my husband just sent me a text message and well, I forgot what I was doing… I mean what I was saying.



Valentine’s Day. Do ya’ love it…or tolerate it?

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The answer, according to our recent and completely unscientific poll of co-workers, is that women love it, men tolerate it. Surprised? Probably not.


This just in...Groundhog Predicts Early Spring.

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As the midwest and New Yorker's were buried under ice and snow, over in Punxsutawney, PA, thousands waited with bated breath to see if our weather predicting groundhog would forecast an end to the winter. Great news! He did...and so meterorologists around the world took note to revise their own predictions for spring. Okay, maybe not. It's all in good fun, but this year, I think many were secretly hoping that there is truth to our furry friend's prediction.


50 and lookin' good!

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The Ken® doll, boyfriend of Mattel’s curvy Barbie®, is turning 50. Ken was first introduced by Mattel in 1961. Even then, he was the official designated boyfriend of Barbie, the “Teen-Age Fashion Model”.  Ken Carson (yep, he does have a last name) was named after the son of Mattel’s co-founders, Ruth & Elliot Handler, who was named Kenneth. Check out Ken’s timeline, trivia and more.


Happy Birthday Elvis…Wherever You Are.

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While a few may still believe Elvis Presley is a alive and well, and working as an undercover DEA agent, most of us feel that he died on that fateful day on August 16, 1977. What is agreed is that we lost one of the world’s most influential entertainers in the history of rock-n-roll. Elvis was born on January 8, 1935 to Vernon and Gladys Presley in a modest two-room house in Tupelo, Mississippi. Check out some videos and photos that mark the history of this remarkable legend. 


What Happens If…The Unexpected Occurs

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Over the holidays, my family agreed that one of our goals for 2010 was to get our finances in shape. But taking that a bit further, we talked about what our families would do if something happened to us. Would they have any idea have to unravel our complicated lives? My mom, always the smart one, created a “red” file folder that had everything in it, from wills to insurance, bank accounts, car registrations, you name it. Here's some handy information (and a printable PDF) detailing everything you should compile…just in case.


College Football Bowl Season: Road Trips and Travel Tips

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Tis The Season...To Go Bowling!

Traveling to see you favorite team?  Does your bowl game have you headed to a city you haven't visited before?  See how AAA can help make this a bowl to remember!


Play AAA's Match and Win Holiday Sweepstakes and be entered to win $3,000!

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Kick off the holidays with AAA's $3,000 Match & Win Sweepstakes.  It's easy, just match some of the cool shopping sites that have partnered to reward AAA members just for shopping online. Increase your chances to win and enter daily! After you've entered, start earning rewards. AAA's new Dollars program is just in time for all the great holiday deals. Earn AAA Dollars just by shopping via's Shopping Mall at your favorite stores.


King Rat: The Evolution of a Man and his Motorcycle

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Guest Blogger: Glen Abbott, an avid biker and writer.

“Old School” is a phrase thrown around a lot in biker circles these days. Often you’ll hear it used to describe a modern-day chopper or bobber with old-time styling. Andy Anderson has been riding Harley-Davidsons for 49 years. He’s been “Old School” since “Old School” was new and has little patience for the “new school” of “Old School” bikes and bikers.


‘Tis the Season…

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With the year winding to a close, the sounds of bells chiming signals the inevitable—the holidays are upon us. Bring on the good times with friends and family, delicious holiday treats that compromise our waistline, and all the holiday cheer you can consume.


This year, before you start making a list and checking it twice, take time to remember those in your own community who face this holiday season without the means to celebrate.


One million tomatoes wasted in Nevada

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I’d like to pitch some tomatoes but I think that my target might be the organizers of a tomato-throwing fundraiser held in Reno last month. Yes, it raised $20,000 for the American Cancer Society. But to do so wasted 150,000 pounds of edible food - about 60 pounds for each participant in the event. Yes, I know it’s modeled after the big tomato fight in Spain. That doesn’t make it any less insensitive.


Handover the Keys…To Your Teen?

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It’s that dreaded time in every parents life. The time that you must watch your teenager get in the driver’s seat…and drive away. Luckily for you (and your teen!), AAA is excited to share a new site for everything you need to know about teen driver safety. The site brings you the know-how and all else to prepare you for the road ahead.


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