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Towing distance

AAA needs to revise its towing distance policy.

Regular membership is ONLY 6 miles and PLUS is 100 miles.

There must be a happy medium and this is not it.

Regular should be at least 20 miles with fewer service stations and dealerships.

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Hi, catamaran, I'll try to get some specific details fo...

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Hi, catamaran,


I'll try to get some specific details for you, but if you Google "towing costs" you'll see that towing is very expensive. The difference in price between Classic and Plus is only about $33--yet the cost for a single 20 mile tow is much more than that. Not to mention you can tow for up to 100 miles with Plus, four times per year, for that same $33. When you do some digging, you see that Plus really is a good deal, even if you're towed far less than 100 miles.


FYI, Classic membership includes four 5 mile tows per year (not 6 miles).


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