3 Ways Cruise Ships Cater to Kids

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When it comes to family vacations, cruising offers some fun, fresh choices for children and their parents.


Once seen as exclusively for grown-ups trying to get away from it all, many of today’s cruise ships are full of activities and amenities designed just for the younger set—from babies to finicky ’tweens and teens. Modern ships are catering to kids with goings-on that keep them engaged, secure and separate.



From water slides to video game competitions, there’s a wide range of fun. Plus, most cruises offer supervised recreation programs, such as daily “camps” for preteens with activities from low-key arts and crafts to high-energy classes in juggling or tumbling. Older kids can spend their leisure time in designated, teens-only nightclubs.



Organized activities are led by trained counselors, so parents can be confident their children are in good hands. Most major cruise lines provide RFID (radio frequency identification) bracelets for all passengers, allowing parents—and staff security—to keep track of their kids’ location through the ship’s Wi-Fi network. (The same technology ensures only designated adults can collect a child from an activity or area.)



Vacations are a time for togetherness, but parents have many opportunities to enjoy time away from the kids, too. Lounges and casinos, for example, are strictly for grown-ups, and many cruise lines also reserve serenity spas, pools and intimate restaurants for adults. And many ships offer child-care at reasonable rates, from group babysitting centers to solo sitters who come to your room.


As with all vacation planning, it pays to understand the options. Many cruise lines either prohibit or discourage travelers under age 2, while some have no restrictions at all. Your travel consultant can help you find a cruise that meets your desires.


To plan a cruise with your kids, visit AAA.com/TravelAgent or go to AAA.com/iTravel.


A version of this story appears in the May/June 2015 issue of AAA Living magazine.


Image credit/source: Royal Caribbean

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