Look Around and Be a Safer Driver

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One of the keys to driving safely is vigilantly looking around, not just directly ahead of you.


To be a safe driver, you must be aware of what is happening around your vehicle—not just in front of you, but to the sides and behind as well. Scanning helps you to see problems ahead that may cause you to change speed or your position on the road.


The American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association (ADTSEA) is a professional association representing traffic safety educators in the US and abroad. They’ve created a handy fact sheet with information and tips that stress using your visual perception when you’re behind the wheel. These tips include:

  • Look ahead
  • Look to the sides
  • Look to the rear
  • Scanning

While the fact sheet was written for new drivers and is part of the association’s curriculum (Version 2.0), it also provides valuable reminders for more seasoned drivers.


AAA and the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety are corporate members of the ADTSEA. You can learn more about the organization and its mission and resources on its website.


Image credit/source: AAA Traffic Safety

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