VIDEO: The Best Cars for Seniors

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For senior drivers, selecting a vehicle with the right features can make a big difference in both comfort and safety.



The natural process of aging affects our vision, hearing, reaction time and mental fitness—all critical components to being a safe driver. Senior drivers, take heart, because automakers are making vehicles with you in mind. Many of today’s newer models include features that optimize comfort and safety.


Smart Features for Older Drivers

AAA worked with the University of Florida’s Institute for Mobility, Activity and Participation to identify Smart Features for Older Drivers, which are features that compensate for the physical changes we experience as we age, or simply allow a vehicle to fit its driver more comfortably and safely. With these features in mind, AAA created an online tool to help you find individual makes and models that include features specifically tailored to your physical needs.


AAA also created a handy checklist of all 2015 models, identifying which “Smart Features for Older Drivers” are available in each.


Buying a New Car

When you’re ready to purchase a new vehicle and have used these resources to identify the model that best serves your needs and comfort, save yourself time and money and let AAA Auto Buying take the hassle out of the process. Simply identify the vehicle you want and enter your zip code, and you’ll receive a pre-negotiated price with guaranteed AAA Member savings, plus a list of certified dealers in your area that will honor that price. Schedule a test drive with the dealer of your choice, and if you love it, buy it.


The Bottom Line

Even though these resources were created with seniors in mind, drivers of all ages will find them useful. Whether you’re 15, 95, or somewhere in between, these resources will give you valuable information that helps you to be a safer driver.


For additional senior driver resources and valuable advice, visit AAA’s Senior Driving website.


Image credit/source: AAA Traffic Safety

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