Winter Driving Tips for Teenagers

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Driving during inclement weather is especially perilous for teenagers. Here are some tips for young drivers on how to navigate the snowy season.


Driving on snowy or icy roads is nerve-wracking, even for experienced drivers. But driving on slippery pavement can be particularly scary—and dangerous—for new drivers. Teens are at greater risk of crashing than adults, due to their inexperience.


AAA encourages all parents to teach their teens smart driving skills during winter weather. A teen’s first experience driving on slippery roads should be with a parent, who can help them understand how to handle perilous road conditions. Even if your child has some experience driving in winter, it’s a good idea to further help your teen understand where, how and when to be cautious.


Here are some tips to help you and your teen drive safely during winter:


  1. Stopping on slippery surfaces requires longer stopping and following distances. The stopping distance required on ice at 0 degrees Fahrenheit is twice the amount required at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Drivers proficient at driving and braking on slippery surfaces have developed these techniques by practicing in secluded areas.


  1. Stay in the lane that has been cleared most recently. Avoid changing lanes because of potential control loss when driving over built-up snow between lanes.


  1. If you get stuck, use traction mats or spread some sand, salt or other abrasive surface in front of and in back of the drive wheels. If someone is pushing your car, do not let anyone stand directly ahead or behind the wheels as they may be injured by objects thrown by spinning tires. Stop if the wheels continue to spin and create a deeper rut.


  1. Do not use cruise control when driving on any slippery surface.

Read more tips on how to drive safely in winter.


A version of this story appears in the November/December 2015 issue of AAA Living magazine.


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