Send a Valentine's eCard

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Gearing Up For Halloween

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Kooky costumes, devilishly divine treats and pumpkin infused brews...That’s my kind of party!


From the Archives: Our Pie Recipe Contest

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In 2007, we conducted a search for the best pie recipes our members had to offer. Thanks to a recent letter to the editor, and our undeniable addiction for tasty summer treats, we decided to (re)publish our top three recipes. Enjoy!


First Place - ChocoCoco Macadamia Pie

1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
pinch of salt
3/4 cup light corn syrup
3 eggs
2/3 cup coarsely chopped macadamia nuts
1/2 cup toasted coconut
8 oz. premium white chunk chocolate
9 inch unbaked pie crust



Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Cream first four ingredients together. Blend in corn syrup.  Slowly stir in eggs until well mixed. Carefully add macadamia nuts, coconut and chocolate.  Pour into an unbaked 9 inch pie crust.  Bake for 10 minutes, then turn heat down to 325 degrees.  Continue baking for 45 minutes, or until center is set.  Serve with dollops of whipped cream.


Westminster’s Top Dog

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There was laughter, there were tears…there was lots of drooling. It’s truly a dog’s life…as evidenced at this year’s 136th Westminster Club dog show last week in New York’s Madison Square Garden. You gotta love a group of adults who spends their days pampering and primping their pooches


Worst Products of 2011

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What were some of the worst product ideas launched in 2011? My vote for number one is the “Ashley” Push-Up Triangle bikini top with padding targeted at girls aged 8-10...


Here are some of the best of the worst products for 2011:


1.       Abercrombie & Fitch

In their spring collection for Abercrombie Kids, these numskull designers released a new line that included a padded bikini top for young girls. What’s even more amazing is that they were surprised by the barrage of angry parents across the country. Several child development experts also weighed in on the controversy. The company responded by saying the top was intended for girls 12 and older. This silly disclaimer didn’t stop the controversy and they quickly pulled the product.


Bacon soap, french fry lip balm...

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Why give the tired big screen TV or digital camera when you can give your loved ones something really unique like Jersey Shore ornaments or shark bite oven mitts? Here's some of the wackiest holiday gifts this year...


My Very, Very Pink Dogs

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The first time my daughter dyed our dogs pink, it was with food coloring. Everything in the house soon had a pink tint. I didn’t really have a problem with pink dogs, just pink couches and pillows and rugs and drapes. In fact, our little Beesha and Daisy were pretty cute…and seemed to love the attention of strangers when we went for walks.

 Wow, are your dogs EVER pink!”


Egad! It’s too early for the holidays.

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 I went to a nearby discount store to pick up the last few items for my ghoulish Halloween display when, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a miniature sleigh and eight lighted reindeer…plus holly, garland, wrapping paper and thousands of bows.


Mind Games

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As school eases into its daily routine, homework is sure to follow. It’s easy to get lost in the mindset of simply “getting it done.” But learning itself should be a fun experience. When my now-college-age-daughter was young, there were very few free online educational game sites available. We actually purchased several that taught spelling, typing, math and geography, all via computer games.


I’ll give you six cows for your daughter...

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My daughter Sarah and I have flown to the Masai (Maasai) Mara National Reserve in Kenya, where rolling grasslands and thickets of scrub bump against the banks of the Mara River. We are here to visit a Maasai village, the proud and indigenous people of the region. Famous as herders and warriors, the Maasai once dominated the plains of East Africa.


Getting to the core of it...

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I grew up on a farm in Michigan. It wasn't a huge one, but we had chickens, the occasional cow, lots of vegetables—and an apple orchard. How spoiled I was…and, of course, being a barefooted know-it-all, I didn't appreciate what I had...crisp fresh apples plucked from the tree. (Check out a yummy apple pie recipe.)


From High School Prom Queen to Military Cadet…

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The letter said, “Congratulations, you’ve been selected for admission to the United States Military Academy. . .” Out of a thousand new cadets, I’m one of the few women entering this prestigious military academy. Being a girl at West Point  doesn’t mean that you have to pretend to be a boy. 


Karl, The true story of a sad Bearded Dragon…

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Once upon a time there was a little girl named Sarah. She learned about bearded dragons in school and begged her mother for one. Bearded dragons are large lizards that are friendly. Eventually, mom relented and “Karl” became a part of the household.


The Gallery of HUGE Beings…

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Scattered along America’s roadside are a collection of larger-than-life concrete and fiberglass gi-normous human figures. Some honor actual people while others tirelessly entice us to buy tires, get gas and eat at Joes…


Bring back the Wave…Please...

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Is it too much to ask? You’re driving along and suddenly someone wants to merge in front of you. You slow a bit and let them in….and you wait…and wait. What? No wave? No little thank you twist of the wrist.  Huh? When did the thank you wave become obsolete? It doesn’t cost anyone anything…and it lets people know you appreciate their little act of kindness.


Dramatic Cat

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I admit it. I’m easily entertained. In fact, I’m such a pushover for silly stuff that a single YouTube video pretty much fulfilled my need for laughter all week. Not only did I watch it personally a couple dozen times, but I forced most of my co-workers, family and friends to watch it as well.


Our heart breaks for the citizens of Japan…

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After Friday’s 8.9-magnitude quake and resulting tsunami, the world watched in disbelief as cars, homes and neighborhoods were swept out to sea. The devastation to life and property is catastrophic, and it is heart wrenching to see families searching for missing relatives.  Here's how you can help.


The Meltdown of Charlie Sheen...

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Discussions around water coolers have been monopolized by the antics of Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen. Everyday there’s new material. We watch while he self-destructs, and the tiger blood running through his veins doesn’t seem to be helping much. But perhaps the real question is…why are we so fascinated?


Jump Spot. Jump!

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Check out this cool new video set to Taio Cruz's hit, "Dynamite".  Learn how your AAA card is your ticket to savings or rewards while saying AYO…
 I throw my hands up in the air sometimes
Saying AYO
Gotta let go...


His and Her Finances

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The March/April 2011 issue of AAA Going Places offered some "Tips for a Match Made in Heaven." But that may have got you thinking...are you and your partner financially compatible? Or do you have money issues that need discussing? Take this quiz to find out.


Homelessness in America

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Perhaps no other topic brings with it such passion, or differing opinions. Some feel that homelessness is the result of drug or alcohol abuse. Others feel compassion for those less fortunate. Some are irritated by the seemingly ever-present individuals asking for handouts on busy streets.


Weddings…you gotta love ‘em, Chicken Dance and all.

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I went to a wedding over the weekend. I find it fascinating that this sentimental event turns average people into fun-loving, uninhibited dancers. The wedding itself was a proper affair with folks decked out in their finery, great aunts with matching suits and hats, and 20 something nieces in super tight minis.  Note to ladies…this is probably not an event you’re going to find your next great love, after all, they are all relatives.


Best..and Worst New Innovations Revealed

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At this week’s 2011 International Consumer Electronics event, more than 2,700 technology companies revealed a vast array of innovative products for consumers. Some were truly inspired, while others, well, not so. Take this OLED suit jacket with multiple screens. Definitely a head turner…and handy when you lose interest in your date’s story about his Pez collection . It also comes in stylish hat-wear as well.


Drumroll please…Number 10 on Top Scientific Discoveries…the Lapping Cat.

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I’m a junkie for top 10 lists. And there’s no better time of year to recap stuff of all shapes, sizes and themes than New Year’s. I won’t bore you with the top 10 resolutions. Hey, I’ve got nine of them on my list….but, Time magazine does a cool round-up of  “Top 10s”…from quotes to commercials, movies and news stories. One of my favorites? Top ten scientific discoveries for 2010. Coming in at number 10: How does a cat lap without getting its whiskers and chin wet. Science now knows!


Weird and Wacky Gifts

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Here are my top 5 Wacky Gifts for the holidays.  Move over snuggies and gravy boat warmers…you’ve got some real competition this year including The Flingshot, Slingshot, Flying, Screaming Monkey. Secretly, I actually love this one. You shoot the flying money with two elastic arms. It’s perfect for the co-worker in the next cube who talks to their mom on speakerphone all the time. Another one of my favorites...Pez for Pets.


The Free Personalized Letter from Santa is back!

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It wouldn't be the holiday's without our popular, interactive Santa letter. This easy tool lets you create a personalized letter for your son or daughter. Just click on this Santa Link. Each letter lets you put in their name, good deeds they've done this year, and what they may find under the tree.. You simply complete the form, and print out the letter at home. There are also printable postage stamps to give your letter an even greater air of authenticity! 


My Secret…I'm a Closet Bookworm

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When you walk into my home, my secret isn’t immediately revealed. The front room is nice and tidy with scant few books in site. But as you venture deeper, and head into the family room, the shelves of worn books greet you. To my hubby’s chagrin, the side of my bed is forever cluttered with recent books I’ve read, or those books awaiting their turn. Here’s my take on some of my favorite, and least favorite books…and yes, I can be blunt.


My Time in a Pickle Jar

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In the current issue of Going Places, I decided to write about time management. “There’s just not enough time in the day!” seems to be the new mantra. In my own life, I’m all about lists…there’s a daily one for work, a weekend one for home, the ongoing “need to do” list of personal stuff…you name it, and I’ve got a list for it. In fact, I can get a bit loopy about it…



My Mom is on Facebook!

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There was a hysterical sketch on Saturday Night Live (starring the ‘Glee’fully spectacular Jane Lynch) for a fake product called the “D*?! it, My Mom’s on Facebook" filter  which turns incriminating postings into “mom-friendly” messages. One college student recounts a wild night, and then uses this handy filter to make his comments super-mom appropriate with the revised post, “Boy, do I need new dungarees!” To which his perky mom promises to send him a $5 coupon to Kohl’s. I watched and laughed out loud…and then stopped dead in my tracks...could I be the mom in this? Could it be that my witty texts to my college daughter (and, eeeh gad, even a couple of her friends) have been met with ridicule…or even used as a source of amusement? “You’ve got to read what my mom just texted me!”


Whoopi Casts Deciding Vote...“Apple Pie” Voted Top Flavor

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 In the last issue of Going Places, we asked readers to create a new flavor for the award-winning line of William Dean Chocolates. The contest’s response was overwhelming, with more than 2,500 suggestions made here in the Community.
Some flavors were traditional—peanut butter, cheesecake and blueberry. Others were not only unique, but a little surprising: hot dog, tofu, grilled onions and broccoli. (They may have been confused with the deli contest held next door!)


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