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AAA Battery Service

I drive a mini cooper and also had a dead battery. After placing my call to AAA I was serviced within 30 mins. Even though I live 20 mins. from town. Your service tech. Suggested I replace my battery- it was worse than dead!! and also told me where to drive to without killing my car as the battery was to low to start my vehicle again. He suggested a certain store that would not charge me an installation fee. I was very pleased with your service and advice that I also bought your auto insurance saving myself a wad of dough in the process. Thank you AAA..........
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What great feedback! Thanks for the kind words. I will be...

What great feedback! Thanks for the kind words. I will be sure to pass them on.



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I bought a battery from AAA, and it died, I mean, dead-dead within two weeks or the warranty period expiring.  My service call did not count against my three in the year since it was the battery and they replaced battery for free.  The warranty on new battery was only until the end of the first one, but, that was two years ago probably and it still starts every time.

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