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Citgo Gas on I-95 in South Carolina and North Carolina

I'll be traveling from South Georgia and would like to know how to find out Citgo Locations along I-95. Thanks.

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If you have Internet access go to

If you have Internet access go to which will take you to Citgo's USA map store locator page. Then just enter a city name (for I-95 suggest that you use Savannah, GA) in the search box. Once the result is displayed on the map, you can zoom out to give you a bigger picture of your route showing Citgo stations along the way. Click on a specific locator icon for detailed information. If you have an iPhone, AAA has a TripTik application that will route your trip and display gas stations along the way (all brands including current price per gallon). AAA's TripTik app even has a "Co-Pilot" feature that will audibly give directions! Never use your iPhone or cell phone while driving; wait until you are legally parked  or have your passenger make calls or seek directions on your behalf. Hope this helps!


Kevin Bakewell

AAA Auto Club South Public Relations

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