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Considering buying AAA Travel Accident Insurance-Need Opinions

I would like to know how claims have been handled for ER, Hospital, Rehab, Life.  Any personal opinions pro or con would be appreciated.

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Here is some info for you...

Hi, famlip, here is some info from one of our insurance specialists:


I’m assuming you are referring to the Travel Medical plans offered on the Insurance page of  These plans are offered through one of our partner carriers--International Medical Group (IMG). (We also offer trip cancellation/medical protection through our travel dept but it is a different product).  


It also appears you are asking about past claims experiences. We would not have any info at that level due to current privacy laws. We can say in general, that the essence of a travel medical policy is the service provided for travelers away from their home country. IMG not only processes claims, but will assist the policyholder in finding the proper provider. Pre-certification is required in certain situations so a good rule is to call IMG before any service or admission (except emergency in which case you should call within 48 hours) is started. IMG has a toll free number for claims inside the US and accepts collect calls from outside the US on a separate claims number.


Of course no policy has blanket coverage for  “everything” so you should read your certificate of coverage to understand what is covered and what is excluded.


Famlip, I hope that answers your question. If not, I would suggest you call one of our insurance specialists. You can get a list of phone numbers here.


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