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Service Call Limitations, Multiple Member Usage

My wife and I renewed our annual AAA membership on Sep 17, 2010. Since that time we requested 3 battery service calls due to a defective (under warranty) AAA battery. The third service call culminated in the vehicle being towed. AAA counts this as 4 tows; therefore, when I needed a tow today, I was advised that there would be a charge since I am over the limit (on my side of the membership).

The annual renewal info does not clearly advise that a battery call counts against the 4 tows per year. It is unfair to charge the member against the "4 tows" when the service call is due to a defective, under warranty, AAA battery. It is further unfair to charge a member for 2 service calls when the battery call results in the vehicle being towed. Finally, even though your renewal solicitations are addressed to one member of the household and we pay you with one check, it is ironic that I am over the limit (4), my wife has no calls, and I am not permitted to use her "side of the account." As a further cost avoidance measure for AAA, maybe you should check to see who the primary driver is on the vehicle... me or my wife. Hint my 4 service calls were for my wife's vehicle.

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jptp,   AAA limits 24-hour Emergency Road Service to 4 AA...



AAA limits 24-hour Emergency Road Service to 4 AAA-paid calls per member per membership year. Service calls include battery boost, tire change, fuel delivery, lockout service, winching and towing. The Club recognizes only the member, not the vehicle. 


I've forwarded your complaint to the correct department. An employee from the ERS department will be contacting you directly to resolve this. Thank you for your feedback and i apologize for any frustration this has caused.



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Great Idea!

I see you also posted this in our Idea Generator. The other day, the president of AAA Auto Club South mentioned to me that he had read and was impressed with the idea. I can't say if it will come to pass or not, but wouldn't that be a cool silver lining?


Thank you for sharing your idea. I "voted" for it by clicking the arrow button!

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I needed road service and I am a premium membership with no other or co member on my account yet I was Informed that I had reached my limit on the previous day.  So I just recieved air in my tire nothing else and it was chrged as a tow. I dont think thats fair because i paid for premium membership yet getting air in my tire for which the driver was tipped very well as always should be charged as a tow. But regardless My question is can i pay again to recieve extended service or must i wait the whole year before i can have road service again. because if i cant extend my service i am forced to try a competitors service plan ie Sams club and may be happier with thier plan resulting in AAA losing a customer to the compitition.

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