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Why do you have to be w/ car?

I think this is very inconvenient.  I have had Allstate motor club for the past 3 years and it was sooo much easier.   This tells me that they do not trust their customers who have paid for a membership.  I had to talk to 5 different people at AAA before I could get my Jeep towed that was broke down in my own driveway.  This was my 1st experience w/ AAA and it was horrible.  Not only that but 4 of the 5 people that I talked to w/ AAA were not very nice and they all had different stories for me.  Very frustrating..........Can't wait until my membership runs out so I can go back to Allstate! 

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an update....

Now I am on the phone w/ AAA w/ the 6th person as the hauling company has now been told that I am responsible for the overnight charges when the lady w/ AAA last night assured me that because I had so much trouble getting my car picked up that they would p/u the charges.   I am on hold right now and the lady has told me twice that I can't speak to her manager that she needs to xfer me to the complaint department.............but I can't complain yet as my problem hasn't even been solved.  This becoming a bigger and bigger joke.  I thought AAA was supposed to be the motor club leader?  Stay tuned..................

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Hi, Bryan, I've asked our team to look into your situatio...

Hi, Bryan, I've asked our team to look into your situation, and will get back to you with details when I have them.


As far as why you need to be with the car...two main reasons. First, we only tow for AAA members, and the best way to verify your membership is by having you present. Seeing your membership card and photo ID protects all of us against unscrupulous folks trying to get a "free tow"--which could affect the dues we all pay.


Second, while it's rare, damage can occur when a vehicle is towed. When you are present, you and the driver perform an inspection, noting any previous damage to your vehicle. This inspection--that you sign--protects you against disputes that may arise later. Like I said, it's very rare, but we believe it's a worthwhile precaution.

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Still waiting......

I understand that you guys are trying to make sure you give out "free tows" and I can appreciate that.  But in today's society all customer service is based on convienence and this policy is anything but that.  My Jeep which is registred under my name was broke down in my own driveway which is the address that is on my AAA account. 


I find it crazy that I can purchase a vehicle without even being present from a dealership but I can't have one towed by my on motor club company w/o being there to provide proof that I'm not a crook.


I am also still waitin on Deborah in customer service to return my call and I'm going on 2 hrs. now.  The hauling company won't deliver my car until the overnight charge is resolved so now the process that started yesterday morning at 8:30 and my vehicle is still not at the garage being repaired. 

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Sorry to hear you had a bad experience

Sorry that you are having a bad experience with your AAA membership. I have been a member since I graduated high school many years ago. I have called AAA many many times and have always had great service. They usually come in the time they say and they do exactly what they say they will do. I had one experience were they were held up with the previous call and they called me every hour to update me on the time frame. Hopefully you will have a better experience next time. When my children started driving I got them a membership and both of them have used them with no problems. Best of luck.
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The saga continues...........

So, I got a letter in the mail today stating that I have used up 3 of my 4 calls for the year.  WHAT???   I had my Jeep called one time but because I had several customer service issues and had to call back each time I call it uses one of my calls?  This is just becoming a comedy at this point?  Where is the hidden camera?  Time to call back for the 7th time on this one haul...........and I always thought AAA was the leader in Motor clubs?  Boy was I wrong!

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Hi Atlantabry9,


Did you every get any resolution to this problem?





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Waiting with vehicle for service

Question. If I am a AAA member and people in my household are AAA members on my policy let's say I decide to drive my husband's vehicle that may not have me listed as a registered owner but I am not the insurance and I am on the same AAA member family policy so why does he have to present instead of me for roadside assistance? What if there is a medical emergency reason for him being unable to be present. I mean aren't your tow driver's or contractor responsible for physically verifying this information again if I placed a call for service with dispatch and they vertified the informtion too? Please make sense of this because your agent couldn't!

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