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Chattanooga/Rock City Fall Trip Discounts

My husband and I plan to go to Chattanooga this fall for our 2 year anniversary since we eloped and couldn't get away for a trip for our 1st year anniversary. We live in South Florida and we are craving for a get away to the cool mountains to see the leaves change.

I am in charge of planning out our 5 night stay trip and have calculated that we would end up spending at most $1700 (if we do a lot of the things we do want to do). We definitely want to stay in a cabin that has a fireplace as opposed to staying in a hotel as I have allergies to the sterilizing cleaners they use (weird, I know!). My husband is fine with spending up to $150 a night for a cabin and I may have found a couple of possiblities on and other sites.

However, since the whole trip may cost between $1300 to $1700 (gas, food, lodging, sight seeing).. I am now narrowing down the options that have discounts, better value, and such. I was hoping to hear back from an AAA rep about AAA discounts for the popular tourist spots and cabins and the package of brochures they sent me in the mail that "supposedly" has AAA discounts..... I don't see them anywhere, not even on their sites and AAA's site. All I was able to find was a few restaurants that has the AAA dollar deals.

Any help and suggestions that could bring down the trip cost down to maybe $1250 would be much appreciated.

The sightseeing things we would most like to do is:
-Rock City Gardens
-Ruby Falls
*(NO incline railway since we may just drive up to the top to save $15 and use the meter parking instead)
-Raccoon Mountain Caverns
-Tennessee Aquarium
-Hunter Museum of Art
-Chattanooga Zoo
-And possibly Rocktoberfest since we have gone to Oktoberfests in 3 different states already.

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*incline railway- 15 per person I meant= saving $30. :-)

*incline railway- 15 per person I meant= saving $30. :-)
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Re: Travel Help

Sounds like quite the trip! You can find plenty of info here on including Discounts & Dollars offers. I think you'll find our online TripTik, eTourBooks and Destination Guides very helpful as well. They provide directions, destination info., and even highlight AAA member offers along the way. 


For full-service planning, I suggest you visit your local AAA office and speak with one of our travel experts. 



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Good advice, Nick! Here are some extra links to help with...

Good advice, Nick! Here are some extra links to help with your research.


If you prefer to buy tickets online, you can find them here. In the top right, search by state with Tennessee as your option. You'll find several attractions in Chattanooga, including several that you mention.


To save on gas, dowload our AAA Mobile app, which can help you find the cheapest prices at gas stations along your drive.


To save on dining out (and other deals), search for discounts here, selecting Chattanooga area as the destination and restaurants (or whatever) as the category.


Hope this helps!

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Thanks, but....

This is what I am talking about. I specifically searched for attraction tickets for Chattanooga, TN and I got a couple of searches come up for FLORIDA- like Seaworld, Orlando, Universal Studios, Six Flags (ATL)... etc. This feature is NOT helpful at all.

I am looking for AAA discounts to:

Ruby Falls
Rock City Gardens
Tennessee Aquarium
Raccoon Mountain Caverns
Hunter Museum of Art

I know that I COULD find a combo ticket for Ruby Falls, Rock City Gardens and Incline Railway on but I am looking for specifically AAA DISCOUNTS for only Ruby Falls and Rock City Gardens- NO Incline Railway.

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I did look at this as well, but again like I mentioned: Combo ticket for Rock City Gardens, Ruby Falls, and Incline Railway is almost exactly the same as offered on seerockcity- their price: $47.90, AAA price: $43.99

Is there a way we could get a DUO instead of TRIO combo
discount tickets for only Ruby Falls and Rock City Gardens?
Also to have the AAA discount for only Tennessee Aquarium instead of the DUO combo for TN Aquarium & 3D IMAX?
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AAA discount for cabins??

I mentioned this before and I am still coming up with nothing. I did see a scant number of cabins owned by companies that have the AAA discount but they are not within the vinicity of Chattanooga/Lookout Mountain, but more out to Pigeon Forge. My husband and I really would like to stay at a cabin instead of a hotel. So if anyone can help me look for one in Chattanooga/Lookout Mountain that has the AAA discount... I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

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You aren't going to find a lot of cabins, if any, especia...

You aren't going to find a lot of cabins, if any, especially in the area you seek that offer AAA discounts. Cabins are independently managed and owned, versus hotel chains, and any discounts you may want you would have to negociate with the owners.
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Thanks for giving me interesting information

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