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I am having to put my complaint here because I cannot seem to find a place for this and customer service is utterly useless.  My car's starter failed on me at the airport right before I left.  Luckily I was able to make it to the airport.  I figured I would call and have it towed to the shop while I was away, this way I could come back to a fixed vehicle.  I filed a claim via online and went through the steps.  When it came to servicing the vehicle, I answered the questions, skipping the option asking if I needed a battery van for a dead battery or jump.  Again, I didn't need this service because I knew it was not my battery, which is why I didn't check the little box indicating this was my problem.  I finished making the claim and was informed that the estimated time of arrival was 60 minutes.  I had also included in the notes for the driver to call a seperate phone number in order for someone to meet him at the vehicle.  When the person gets there, it turns out to be someone who services batteries instead of a tow truck.  No big deal, small hiccup right?  This guy could just call in and explain that a tow truck is needed instead so they can send one out immediately, like stated on the website.  Instead, the guy stands around trying to figure out what's wrong with the vehicle and dawdles.  This might be a good time to add that the person who was meeting him was my mechanic.  Being that I'm out of town, I had my mechanic meet the AAA guy.  So my mechanic and AAA guy talk but nothing gets resolved.  My mechanic was never informed of anything or even if they were sending a tow truck.  Because he is working, he can't stay with my vehicle and has to get back to work.  I have spent hours on the phone and spoken with 2 "managers" who are pulling every excuse out of the book as to why it was all my fault.  From telling me it was my fault for giving the wrong information on the claim, to not telling them the mechanic was the one meeting the driver.  (I had refered to him as the car attendant since this is the language used on the website).  Now, still, hours later, I have recieved multiple notificatioins about how delayed the tow truck is going to be.  How many times are you going to contact me to tell you it will be another hour?  I'm sure glad I'm not standing on the side of a highway somewhere.  I am a new member to AAA and this is the first time I've ever had to call for help.  I can see I will not be calling again or continuing my service in July when it expires.  Where can I escalate this complaint to a person who will actually listen instead of laying blame because this level of "service" is completely unacceptable.    

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