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My wife and I went to the Port Richey office this morning. The receptionist asked how she could help us. We said we would like to talk to a travel agent. She then asked if this was car, cruise or air. We told her air. The next thing out of her mouth was, you know that there is a $35.00 per person charge for air. I was dumfounded. First off we are only in the beginning stage of planning a 2 week vacation to Hawaii and California. Besides airlines,we will need hotels, possibly rental cars and would like suggections on tours to take. I am not about to pay $70.00 to have an agent give us some suggestions and help us plan this trip. 

We have been AAA members for a very long time and rarely use any of the services. Now they want to charge me $70.00 just to talk!! I don't think so. I'll talk my business elsewhere.

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Where is Port Richey?

I've never visit Port Richey?  Is there a legitimate reason why the agent would require a surcharge just to help AAA members find out more about airline prices?  We have a great AAA travel agency in Berwyn, IL but if you can't get here you might be able to call a general 800 number to get travel information.  Don't give up.  Most AAA offices have great deals and great service.  


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