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Filing a Complaint

How do I file a complaint about the AAA visa travel money card? I joined AAA since I planned a trip to travel abroad and thought that the money card would be a safe way to go. My wallet was stolen on my trip, and I reported the card as stolen the same day. Even though the card was stolen, I was still charged for a replacement card.

This has been the worst company ever to deal with for fraudulent disputes. They concluded their investigations in less than a month, citing that the dispute forms were received. I called multiple times asking for the dispute forms since they had not come in the mail. Nearly a month later, I still have not received dispute forms. There is a minimum 10 day wait to request for the dispute forms to be re-mailed. Fraudulent charges are processed as a dispute claim instead of a fraud claim. Complete inconsistency between employees -- I received different information from each employee on each occasion that I called. Customer support is very limited in how they are able to assist. After 20 days, the dispute forms were still unable to be faxed to me (that customer support personnel said that under no circumstances dispute forms could be sent electronically or by fax). They can only request them to be re-mailed once the 10 business days pass, without the customer receiving the form. Infinitely, in the unlikely event that they still do not arrive. The address was verified to be correct.

I would never recommend this service to anyone since AAA (or at least the company in charge of the AAA visa travel moneycard) does not care about the trauma victims experience when they have a crime committed against them. At no point did any customer service representative understand or show empathy that a crime (in which there was a police investigation and report) was committed against me, or ultimately care about the concerns I had. The most empathy I received was from the person I spoke to tonight saying that it must be frustrating to wait to have nearly $1,000 worth of fraudulent be reviewed. She made a note to have a manager call me to review information with me. However this may be between 24-48 hours and it is on a first come first serve basis. I said that I am a teacher and cannot answer the phone during school hours. She told me that the manager will call at a time convenient to them -- disregarding my schedule.

I have been extremely patient, but the lack of communication is frustrating. I have heard something different from nearly every single person that has answered the phone.
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Also, since my wallet was stolen, my other credit cards w...

Also, since my wallet was stolen, my other credit cards were also compromised along with my driver's license. There was no issue resolving the fraudulent charges on my other credit cards. The replacement fee for my driver's license was waived when presented with the incident report and crime reference number I received from the London Police Department.
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Contact Information



My name is Andrea and I am from AAA. I am so sorry for the inconvenience this situation has caused. Please send me your membership and contact information at and I will have someone from our leadership team reach out.


Best regards,


Andrea Fiedler-AAA

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