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Hotel Reservations & AAA.COM

April 2014, I booked hotel reservations for the Quality Inn & Suites Airport and Convetion Center, Portland, OR. for stays in August through AAA.COM.


In June, our travel plans changed and I contacted a AAA representative regarding cancelling our reservations.  I was given instructions to sign on to AAA.COM and use our trip numbers from our reservationis confirmations which were emailed to me when I first made the booking.


I did as I was instructed and received email confirmations of the cancellations.


When my wife and I returned from our Portland vacation, I checked our  bank statement to find that I was charged my debit card for the stay at Quality Inn ,,which we had cancelled.


I then spent hours on the phone talking to a number of representative from AAA to resolve this issue.  


I found that, eventhouh the AAA.COM is the web site I used to book the stay, the booking actually is done by Priceline.  


As a result, every AAA representative I have contacted have deflected the issue.  


I have been give a number of different 800 numbers to call.  I have been asked to fax my billing information but the fax number I have been give appears to be incorrect as my fax will not go through and when I call the number direct, instead of the normal fax squeal I expected, I got a voice message.  


My take on this thus far is of big disappointment.  I am disappointed that AAA is not stepping up to help me as a AAA member using their AAA site.   I am disappointed that AAA is providing full support, after all, it is THEIR web site I used.  


Looking at the benefits of AAA, I am beginning to doubt that the cost of membership is worth the value as in large part, I can get this same service for free.  


As of this writing, I have not reached resolution with this issue.  I responded to the email from "Travel Support Team" (Priceline) asking them to validate their fax.  They have not responded to my request.  They are awaiting my fax of my bank statement.  


I would have expected AAA to step up and assist me.  I would be great if AAA would have worked with me in contacting Priceline to resolve this.  I would be willing to share with AAA the documentation and AAA could then fax, email, call, or whatever it takes, to work with Priceline on my behalf to resolve this.


As it stands, AAA seems to have washed their hands of the situation and are unwilling to step up and show me that my trust in AAA is warrented.  


I am currently out more then $300.  


I am writing this as a warning to those making reservations through AAA.COM that those reservations may not be backed and supported by AAA.  You may be left in the cold by AAA if you run into issues.



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I received an email today from Travel Support Team (Priceline) a AAA Travel Services vendor which included the name of the service representative.  The email acknowledged the problem and said they worked with the Quality Inn & Suites to resolve the problem.  It said that the front desk manager (which they named), issued a refund on 8/12.  


My hope is that all involved would use this as a training tool.  As a AAA member my time is valuable and to have had to spend countless hours on the phone, making a number of calls going through the confusing prompts, invalid fax numbers causing more problems and angst is unacceptable.  


The process ought to simplified and easy enough for the my local AAA office to assist.



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Similar AAA/Priceline Reservation Snafu

Thank you for documenting your experience. Until I found your story, I thought I was going crazy.

     I also booked (and prepaid) for lodging through AAA Travel/Priceline. After weather-related flight delays, I finally checked in at 3 a.m. This would be irrelevant except that I was exhausted and might, otherwise, have questioned the error that later cost me almost $400.

     The desk clerk asked if I wanted to keep my stay "on the same Capitol One card." I responded that I don't HAVE a Capitol One card. Looking confused, he said, "But we're required to have a card on file; do you have another card we can keep on file during your stay?" I gave him a card. Big mistake.

     When I checked out, I got a Paid-in-Full receipt. Unfortunately I didn't study it closely and failed to notice that it had my name with someone ELSE'S address (probably the owner of the mysterious "Capitol One card" mentioned when I checked in).

     Long story short: I paid TWICE for my lodging: first in advance through AAA/Priceline, then a second time when I checked out. Like you, I spent many hours trying to correct this error. Like you, I experienced many hand-offs, misdirections, and inaccurate explanations.

     I'm still trying to resolve the double payment. AAA/Priceline confirms that they prepaid the hotel weeks before my check-in. The hotel says they charged me fairly because they had no record of my AAA prepayment. (Not surprising, given that they had me down under the wrong address and payment card.) Not sure where to turn now, but I'm considering a registered mail package to the chief executive of AAA. Or should that be Priceline? Sheeesh.

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