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How do I make a complaint?

My Husband and I are from North Georgia (although only living there for a few years) and were visiting a brother in North Palm Beach.  We wanted to go visit North West Florida on our return home so after much difficulty trying to contact the AAA in Palm Beach Gardens, we finally went to the office on Friday, March 2, 2012 at 4 P.M.  Knowing it closed at 5:30 P.M. we were desperate to get someone to help us get a map and directions to Apalachicola, Seaside and Destin FL.


However, my sister-in-law was witness to a very rude lady at the front desk.  I proceeded to tell her (the lady) that I had tried four different times to talk to someone on the phone earlier that day, and every time they told me someone would call me back.  Obviously, it was getting too late for that so that is when I asked my sister-in-law to drive me there to the office in PBG.  The woman then told me it was very busy and I would have to wait in line for a person to talk to regarding my travels.  I could not ask my sister-in-law to wait so asked if we could get a map and booklet for Destin FL and she said "Where is that?"  Then she added, "no one's ever heard of that place or ever goes there" and she had to ask where it was.  We were stunned, to say the least.  I said that everyone I know in No. GA sure knows where it is.  So I told her where it was located and she finally went to get a map.  We also had to ask her for an Alabama map as that would be the way we would be returning home to North Georgia.  She acted like we were putting her out to ask these questions and we were actually dumbfounded at her behavior.  I might add that we have never been to this area before and have been told about it from so many friends in GA, that we were quite anxious to see what it was all about and detour through that part on our way home.  


What kind of service is AAA giving?  I have been a member since 1970, don't use it a whole lot, but when I do I certainly want good service and this was not good!  Also, this lady was not a young woman and was not new at the job, we can almost guarantee.  You might check out who might have been receiving people at around 4 PM on that Friday 2, 2012 as she should not be working there.  Marian Morash is my sister-in-law and she was also amazed at how the woman treated us.

Nancy Morash

David Morash



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Re: Complaint

Mr. & Mrs. Morash,

First of all, I am sincerely sorry for the experience you described. As a club, we always strive to put the members first, and I'm sorry to hear that your expectations were not met on your recent visit. I have forwarded your message to the appropriate department for investigation. Thanks for letting us know so we can correct this.




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watch your credit card

aaa used my credit card to renew membership without my permission,did not want to renew

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Credit card

I'm sorry to hear about this. Can you email me at wtih your membership # and contact information? I want to make sure we have someone from our care team reach out to you. 


Thank you

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cridit card

just emailed you mcquaid

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Complaint - Two Agents at AAA Mansell Branch

I decided to try out your travel services, and I was not happy with the customer service I received at the Mansell, GA branch.


The travel associate I used was Marilee, and she lacks communication skills with appointments. I made an appointment a month in advance, and she called me a day after I made the appointment to ask about it. She thought I wanted it for the next day, so I made sure she was aware that it was for exactly a month away. She said that would be fine, and that was the last communication I had with her. The day before my appointment, I went to check my email to verify the appointment time, and realized that she never confirmed it since I had no email after the standard one sent letting me know it was waiting for confirmation (no time was listed). I knew I had made it for the morning but wasn't sure exactly what time, so I called to ask. Nobody answered, so I decided to try again in the morning when they opened at 8:30am. Again she did not answer her phone, so I called every hour up until around 3pm. Finally, Marilee called me back around 4pm in response to one of my voicemails, and she informed me that she had a cold and decided to stay home this morning and rest a bit. She never even tried to confirm my appointment or reschedule it; she just decided additional sleep was more important than her customer. I had to go out of my way to not only make a new appointment for later in the evening but to rearrange my schedule to come in right before they closed because I was counting on this appointment before the weekend. I was less than thrilled. She seemed knowledgeable on traveling abroad, but I will not be using her as my travel agent since I trust neither her communication skills nor her punctuality.


Not only was I displeased with Marilee's service, but there was a nearby insurance agent, David Stafford, who made me uncomfortable, thus solidifying that I did not want to come back to that branch. At first, he was very considerate and polite asking how my day was and inviting me to sit at Marilee's desk. Then, after 7 minutes of waiting for Marilee, she comes over and mentions that she didn't realize I was waiting at her desk. David chimes in that she should be watching her desk, and then they proceed to bicker at each other in front of me. It was very unprofessional, and David seemed to be the instigator. Throughout my conversation with Marilee, I found it rude that David continually interjected unnecessary comments about my vacation. They weren't rude comments, but it felt like he was eavesdropping and added nothing to the conversation except interruptions when our timeline was already tight. I understand that the desks are very open, but that doesn not mean others are welcome to join in a provate conversation with my travel agent.


I would like to continue using your travel services, but I will not be using the Mansell branch. I will not go back inside because of David's unprofessionalism, and I will not be using Marilee due to the comments above.

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Contact Information



I am sorry to hear about your experience. Please send your membership and contact information to and I will have someone from our leadership team contact you. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Best regards,


Andrea F. 

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