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Lies lies lies

We booked a $13000 cruise with the Marlboro nj AAA. we were inticed to pay in full with the
Amenities of free excursions free wine and beer with meals and first rate service. We were not presented with an itemized accounting of cost before payment was rendered. As is required by Oceania cruise lines. We were never told airfare was included in the cruise price only offered $1200 per ticket coach from Newark to Miami. We since purchased two fares for $1511. The next day The travel agent informed us that neither the excursions nor the wine and beer were available and too bad she misspoke. Wow. Bait and switch or fraud are the first words that are applicable here.
The manager Christine is rude condescending and will not give us what was promised. She had offered to try to get An excursion package for one of us but no promises. Nothing towards beverage nor the airfare lies. We have overpaid to date $700 for air , $1538 for excursions and $hundreds for wine and beverages. Oceania has offered to pull the trip from AAA SO AS TO RESCIND THE COMMISSIONS All I want is what was promised. The excursions the difference in air and wine packages. I would like a response quickly but won't get my hopes up seeing the service we received so far. We have booked dozens of trips through AAA and this will certainly be the last if what was promised isn't delivered. Extremely disappointed Ed Regan
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