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Looking for hotel in Vancouver

We will be flying to Vancouver on September 4th, and departing on a cruise on September 5th, which leaves from the Port of Vancouver.  I am looking for a hotel that would be convenient, wondering how to secure transportation from the airport to the hotel, and from the hotel to the Port.  Has anyone had experience doing this, or does anyone have suggestions?  Thank yoiu.

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The AAA agent who booked your cruise can certainly help y...

The AAA agent who booked your cruise can certainly help you with this. If you prefer to book your hotel on your own, you can visit and get a list of many in downtown Vancouver that are AAA approved.


The hotel you choose may have a shuttle that runs to the airport. Alternatively, you can take a taxi or train. It's probably less than 30 minutes.


If you have the time, there are some great hop-on, hop-off tours of downtown Vancouver. Be sure to walk about Stanley Park! Enjoy!

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Hotel in Vancouver

I trust you are speaking of Vancouver, B.C.  It has been a few years since I have been there for business or pleasure.  It is a wonderful city.  If you get a chance check out Stanley Park or go to North Vancouver and take the tram up Grouse Mt. for a wonderful view also Robson Street and Yale Town are great places to explore.  There are numerous 4 and 5 star hotels down town, including the 4-seasons and Fairmont Pac-Rim which will set one back a bit, but they are incredible.  And if I recall the Pac-Rim is just a couple of blocks from the port?  However, a number of years ago we took a cruise out of Vancouver to Alaska and I believe we stayed at the Renaissance?  It was moderately priced in comparison to the others, just up from the port and actually quite nice with a wonderful view of the park and North Van.  I am sure all of them have shuttles.  The airport is just outside the city and is a wonderful and clean airport, in my opinion as compared to other cities.  Just some thoughts... good luck!

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Travel Assistance

My daughter and I have remained with AAA for 21 years, however she contacted AAA for assistance with planning a trip to Jamaica and was in no one replied to her request for assistance.  Needless to say, that was most disappointing and has left a VERY sour taste even though we have continued membership.

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Beverly60, I apologize if no one responded to your request. We would absolutely love to help her plan for her trip. If you could please email us ( with her contact information and the best time to reach her I'll have one of our travel experts contact her directly. Thank you. 

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Travel assistanceS

She pulled it off on her own.....the trip is over and done with.

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