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RV Travel

New RV owner.  Looking for best route source for RV travel. Want to take an east coast trip from Florida to Maine and a Gulf of Mexico coast route to Oklahoma from Florida

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RV Travel Reply

Hi Chris911me,


My name is Andrea Fiedler and I work for AAA. Most interstates, major highways, and state routes will accommodate RVs and trailers, but some roads, bridges and tunnels do have restrictions.  Most often it’s the Parkways that must be avoided in the New England States as these roads usually have height restrictions for both RVs and semi-trucks.  Some tunnels have restrictions on the amount of bottled gas that can be allowed, such as propane.


When preparing a TripTik Travel Planner (TTP), many members tell us they are traveling by RV.  We have an insert for RV and trailer information that will provide the height, width  and weight restrictions for each US state and Canadian province.  I’ve attached it for your review.  


 It will be helpful for you to work with a member representative to create a TTP specific to RV travel.  You can contact your local AAA branch to help plan out your trip.  As for the “ best route source”, the data provider we use is Google Maps.  


Please let me know how else I can help and I hope you have a fabulous trip in your new RV! 


Andrea Fiedler-AAA


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